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Timber Overpass Bridges

Our company creates strikingly beautiful and innovative Timber Overpass Bridges that will last for decades with minimal maintenance. From an “old town” to a more contemporary design, a York overpass bridge adds value to any project or landscape, protecting pedestrians from vehicular traffic and solving traffic congestion problems while adding a focal point to any project or landscape.

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Benefits of a York Timber Overpass Bridge

Features of a York Timber Overpass Bridge:

  • Custom-designed foundations to accommodate DOT requirements
  • Custom-designed ramping and rails to accommodate wheelchairs
  • Custom-designed hand rails to accommodate, pedestrians, bicyclists or vehicular traffic
  • Allows for the uninterrupted flow of pedestrian movement, separate from vehicular traffic
  • Timber roadway guard rails to provide a barrier for the foundation piles
  • Overhead and side wall fencing over the road way
  • Covered bridge spans over roadway with complete sidewalls
  • Timber boardwalk or pile-supported designs for approaches or ramps
  • Earthen approaches, tiered walls or timber abutments can be designed to accommodate the tie into grade
  • Cross busy, high-speed highways, railroad tracks or natural barriers
  • Overpasses can span up to 110 feet








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