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 Unlike many other bridge builders, York Bridge Concepts™ (YBC) is a full-service, turnkey construction company. Our process begins with an initial consultation from one of our qualified bridge consultants, our Decero™ design process, construction on-site and York Bridge Services™. We often work directly with owners, developers, architects, landscape architects and/or general contractors to coordinate all aspects of the construction process, ensuring smooth and timely project completion. Our company partners with each client, every step of the way, long after construction is complete, ensuring that they receive a bridge that is built right the first time.

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What Clients can Expect from Our In-house Design and Engineering Team:

  • Our design team is dedicated to providing excellence in bridge design while pleasantly attending to our clients in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Our Decero™ approach centers on developing a one-of-a-kind bridge.
  • Our almost 30 years of experience gives us the ability to provide state-of-the-art, long-lasting, custom designs that has made YBC famous nationwide.
  • Our pre-design conferences and preliminary concept sketches, laying out ideas and suggestions kick off the start of the design process.
  • Drawing sets are developed at 50%, 70% or 90% completion, depending on the sophistication of the project — delivered for review and approval of the client.
  • Our design team passes the drawings through several tiers of design development to ensure a solid drawing package.
  • Our design team regularly consulting with environmental agencies to provide environmentally-friendly designs.
  • Our design team works with department of transportation offices throughout the country.
  • Thorough and efficient answers to RFI’s and resubmittal of redlined plans.
  • Development of 100% engineered drawing sets, delivered to each client with a set of job specific calculations sealed by one of our Structural Engineers who are licensed in the state of the project.
  • An inspection of the bridge upon completion by one of our Structural Engineers, verifying adherence to the plans.
  • A sealed redlined or as-built plan — piling logs and a verification letter included.


What Clients can Expect from Our In-house Construction Team:

  • One of our Project Managers will visit the project site and meet with you to review all aspects of the bridge construction. Examples include grading requirements, site access, surveying, precise location of bridge(s), backfill, rip rap or erosion control, clearing, staging area, vegetation removal, access roads and secure storage area.
  • A specific safety plan is elaborated for your project and our field team.
  • We run a “just in time” operation — coordination is vital to ensure the materials and equipment arrive on site the same day as the construction crew.
  • Our construction teams review daily photography on all aspects of the construction site. Home office supervision of a global construction company is essential to maintain unmatched levels of excellence.
  • Regular visits to the site by our Project Managers as well as a qualified Foreman on-site daily ensures that you receive the highest quality bridge in the industry.
  • Fluid communication about the scheduling of the project on a regular basis is maintained until mobilization.
  • A final close-out package is compiled for every project, including redlined or “as built” drawings, foundation logs, customer satisfaction survey and any client close-out requirements.
  • The close-out package includes a formal 10 year Structural Warranty and 3 year Aesthetic Warranty, along with YBC’s Mandatory Maintenance Program.


What Clients can Expect from Our On-site Construction Team:

  • Our crew arrives, in uniform and with the proper tools and equipment, concurrent with the arrival of the materials and lumber.
  • The Foreman on your project  will perform a pre-construction walk through with the owner’s representative of each bridge site.
  • Our crews hold a safety meeting every morning to help keep up our excellent safety history, using the latest fall protection and safety gear to operate within strict safety guidelines.
    • We use the latest specialty equipment to perform work.
  • Our crews drive piling foundations with integrity, continually logging the process and keeping the EOR informed.
  • Pile driving and construction takes place from the deck level of the bridge whenever possible to avoid environmental damage from heavy machinery.
  • Our field teams have a goal of a zero punch list.
  • The Foreman on your project will perform a post-construction walk through of each bridge site with the owner’s representative.
  • Our teams take reasonable care to protect the environment whenever possible.


What Clients can Expect from our York Bridge Services™:

  • Our field team re-mobilizes to your site 2 to 6 months after construction is complete.
  • Our qualified foreman/personnel review/inspect the bridge.
  • Initial maintenance is performed.
  • The bridge is prepped by washing, cleaning, sanding and or other methods.
  • A complete and thorough environmental protection system for surrounding wetlands is implemented before starting application.
  • The application of the properly selected York Timber Protective Systems™ are performed.
  • The Foreman on your project will perform a post-construction walk through of each bridge site with the owner’s representative.


How We Protect the Environment During Construction:

  • Our field personnel clean up shavings from wetlands.
  • We use hand nets to catch debris from wood cuts, in waterways.
  • Our teams follow the guidelines of the permits that the owner/client provides.
  • We maintain and/or provide silt fences and floating tributary barriers to keep silt and debris from flowing into the waterways.
  • Our field teams builds from deck level whenever possible to avoid environmentally damage from heavy machinery.
  • We use different span lengths to keep supports out of the wetlands.
  • Our designs can open up waterways that were otherwise blocked by culverts or land bridges.


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