Timber Bridge Span Types

At YBC, we are committed to properly designing timber bridges for every individual crossing in any environment, even remote areas. We offer four span types that can be modified according to terrain, budget and aesthetic requirements of each individual project.



1. Pile-supported

Pile-supported structures are supported by timber piling at regular intervals (typically 10 to 16 feet on center). A pile-supported structure can be built to any length and virtually any height. 

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2. Glulaminated Free Span

Glulaminated bridges can typically span 30 to 80 feet and up to 110 feet. This makes a glulaminated free span design the ideal choice for road overpasses, bridging steep ravines and creating a crossing where pile foundations would be prohibited.

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3. Timber Free Span

Timber free span bridges can span up to 30 feet. A Timber free span is generally used to span a creek or other relatively small crossings. Timber free spans are both cost-effective solutions and great alternatives to unattractive culverts.

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4. Combination

Combining pile-supported and free span sections create a unique crossing that may be an effective solution. One of our Bridge Building Consultants can review the site to recommend the length, location and number of free span sections that will be combined with pile supported sections to create the best solution for each project.

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