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Offered as KEY COMPONENT of  York Bridge Services™, York Timber Protective Systems™  are a standard for York Bridges™ and are recommended on ALL timber bridges to ensure their longevity, low bridge maintenance, beauty and integrity:

  • UV-resistant Coating (oil or acrylic-based) — slows down the breakdown of the wood by UV rays and moisture, has an approximate lifespan of 2-3 years on horizontal surfaces; 4-8 on vertical surfaces
  • Textured Polymer Deck Coating — provides a textured surface that protects against UV rays and moisture and wears well with pedestrian and golf cart use; slip-resistant, fire-resistant and has an approximate lifespan of up to a decade
  • Epoxy & Stone Aggregate Application — supplies a superior traction coating and protection for the traffic deck that will last up to a decade, with vehicular use
  • Composite Runners — creates a path for golf carts to drive on/follow, increasing the longevity of the bridge by protecting the deck of the bridge from wear and tear; lasts approximately 15-25 years with golf cart traffic


“As promised, a few months after the completed installation, we were contacted about the installation of your Timber Protective Systems . Again, the installation of this preventative system was done as professionally as the original bridge installation. I believe this system will definitely extend the life of the bridge’s Investment Protection.”

Investment Protection

Investment Protection

Providing protection for any timber bridge investment is imperative to ensure longevity and low maintenance. York Timber Protective Systems™ can significantly slow the breakdown of wood and increases the safety of vehicles and pedestrians. Timber bridges with York Timber Protective Systems™ have extended service life, increased safety and provide a better return on investment.


Aesthetics & Uniqueness

At YBC, we strive to design and build true, one-of-a-kind timber bridges that exude high-quality aesthetics and uniqueness. With endless design and protection options, we are able to design and construct timber bridges that stand out far from their competition. A protected York Bridge™ provides return on investment and unmatched aesthetics — raising industry expectations.


Benefits of York Timber Protective Systems™:

  • Increased service life and safety for clients and pedestrians with decreased exposure to liability
  • Increased opportunities for architectural enhancements
  • Keeps debris out of land fills
  • Green products
  • Lower maintenance



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