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UV-Resistant Coating

 Preserving the Beauty and Integrity of Timber Bridges

We take pride in preserving the beauty and integrity of timber bridges by adding our professional-grade coatings. These coatings can be applied to any new or existing timber structure to ensure their longevity.

Our ultra violet-resistant coatings provide added longevity to any timber bridge by protecting the surface from harmful UV rays and water damage that would otherwise degrade the surface over time. These products are professional, acrylic or oil-based coatings that not only protect timber bridges, but add architectural beauty and charm.

Timber, like steel and concrete, suffers from the effects of the sun’s UV rays, which lifts the moisture from the timber — causing it to dry, crack, discolor and warp. Our coatings contain transparent iron oxides that effectively absorb and block the harmful rays of the sun. In addition, moisture from humid climates or constant wetting encourages mildew growth, waging a war on the wood’s appearance and structural integrity — UV-resistant coating helps to safeguard any timber bridges against these elements, assisting in protecting timber structures at any age. Since our sealants protect the wood from natural graying over time, timber bridges can maintain the rich look of wood longer.

While this treatment is highly recommended for recently completed bridges to keep any UV damage from occurring, it is also imperative for restoring and reviving aged wood, effectively arresting further damage. Our acrylic or oil-based coatings can be used on all types of bridges, from pedestrian to vehicular. On a pedestrian timber bridge, the coating should be applied to the hand rails, curbing and all outer areas of bridge. (We recommend our textured polymer coating on the deck surface of all timber pedestrian bridges.) On a vehicular bridge, the coating should be applied to the curbing, pedestrian hand rails, vehicular guard rails and all the outer areas of the bridges. (We recommend our epoxy & stone aggregate application on the deck surface of all timber vehicular bridges.)

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Reduction in Bridge Repair & Replacement

In addition to all the precautions taken to protect the surrounding environments, our coatings reduce the need for additional construction and as a result, decrease the risk of damage to the environment as well as reducing the cost of maintenance. Typically, bridges without UV-resistant coating have a much shorter life-span than bridges that have had a professional-grade coating applied by a trained crew. In a tropical or subtropical environment, the need for a protective coating is heightened due to increased UV rays and salt water exposure. Application of the proper coating can increase the life-span of any timber bridge by many years and reduce the need for bridge repair or even replacement.



Our coatings have zero to low levels of VOC (volatile organic compound) which do not exceed 275 g/L and meet each of the state standards for VOC emissions, including California’s. VOCs are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short and long-term adverse health effects. We take steps when designing and constructing every bridge to reduce our environmental carbon footprint.


Coating Process for Older Bridges

Many bridges without coating age prematurely, particularly in tropical and subtropical environments, and require refurbishment and/or replacement. The treatment of older or neglected bridges, with our coatings are highly recommended for restoring and reviving aged wood, effectively minimizing further damage. Treating bridges with our UV-resistant coatings is an integral part of our process for refurbishment of timber bridges. Years later, with minimal maintenance, your bridge will still look beautiful.


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