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“The benefits of working with the best are evident. York Bridge Services™ distinguishes YBC from the rest. Protecting my investment from the start made a difference in our decision; I am looking forward to enjoying it for generations!”

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We place great significance on the added value that our team can provide for your project with our products and our services. Consequently, our cutting-edge York Bridge Services™ were created and developed for our clients to ensure the integrity and beauty of:

New, Custom York Bridges™
The improvement, enhancement and refurbishment of older and/or previously constructed timber bridges or bridges built by third parties.
Our responsibility, affirmed through years of partnership and integrity, is to continue to provide these benefits to ensure our clients’ investments and uphold the Goodwill we have developed and strengthened through the years.

What York Bridge Services™ are offered?

Timber Bridge Inspections: Our seasoned professionals routinely conduct bridge inspections for new and existing timber structures. We strive to give each client the comfort of knowing that their structure is safe, properly maintained, and that it reaches its maximum service life — assuring that it will age beautifully throughout the years.
Timber Bridge Maintenance: YBC supports the proper protection of timber bridges to make certain that each structure will maximize its service life, requiring minimal maintenance. Through a customized, detailed approach, our qualified personnel will suggest the proper maintenance plan for your investment.
Timber Bridge Refurbishments: With over 100 years of collective industry experience and thousands of bridges in ground, York Bridge™ is the unmatched industry leader for restoration, enhancement and improvement of your structure. We can rejuvenate any timber vehicular or pedestrian bridge, elevating it to the level of expected excellence.
York Timber Protective Systems™: Offered as a KEY COMPONENT of York Bridge Services™, York Timber Protective Systems™ (YTPS) are a standard for York Bridges™ and are recommended on ALL timber bridges to ensure their longevity, low maintenance, beauty and integrity. York Timber Protective Systems™ can significantly slow down the breakdown of wood and increase the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.

York Bridge Services™ for New, Custom York Bridges™:

We are in the business of forming relationships of integrity by successfully supporting our clients in the design, construction, and lasting protection and maintenance of their timber structures.

Our work does not end when the construction phase is complete. Decero™ design is the start of a process that continues through construction and the culmination of finishing touches placed on your structure by our expert crews.

Every York Bridge™ comes with the York Bridge Services™ described below. Once your bridge has properly seasoned (2 to 6 months), our highly qualified personnel will:

Remobilize to your site
Perform a visual walkthrough/inspection of the bridge
Perform initial maintenance
Complete a thorough environmental protection for surrounding wetlands before starting application
Prepare the structures with thorough wash/clean — using environmentally-safe products
Perform a professional application of the chosen York Timber Protective Systems™
Achieve a thorough cleanup of the site and sign off from client
YBC will gladly create a custom maintenance plan for your structure(s) to ensure the proper care and longevity of your investment.

York Bridge Services™ for Older and/or Previously-constructed Bridges or Bridges built by Third Parties:

At York Bridge™ our goal is to provide the highest quality York Bridge Services™ that will enhance, revitalize and/or refurbish your existing timber structure.

The rejuvenation of your timber bridge will be performed thoroughly from the beginning inspection, maintenance and/or refurbishment, as well as the recommended application of York Timber Protective Systems™. Don’t leave the condition of your timber bridge to chance. For older or already built structures, we highly recommend the following steps to a beautiful bridge:

The first step towards proper care of your timber structure is a complete bridge inspection. One of our Bridge Consultants will provide you with an inspection contract proposal that outlines the service.
Once the inspection is completed, an evaluation will be elaborated, describing any advisable repairs and/or maintenance.
An assessment also will be performed in order to determine which York Timber Protective Systems™ will bring the bridge up to safety standards, extend the service life and give it outstanding aesthetic appeal.
Our experienced office staff will then prepare a detailed quote on all aspects of the evaluation.
YBC will gladly create a custom maintenance plan for your structure(s) to ensure the proper care and longevity of your investment.