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We take pride in our solid reputation and look forward to a lasting partnership with you!
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Long-Lasting Partnership

As your partner in developing the best crossing solution for your project, our Bridge Consultants can confidently help you determine the comprehensive approach that will lead to the unequivocal success of your venture. As the authority in timber bridges, our consultants focus exclusively on timber structures. We understand that practical solutions are as important as quality, aesthetics and longevity – and we strive to ensure that your investment is enjoyed for generations to come. Through decades of customer service based on integrity and excellence, we have formed lasting relationships and have successfully supported our clients in their quest to leave lasting legacies.

We work in tandem with you and with each other, utilizing any challenges that may arise in the process to discuss all possible options and solutions for your unique project. Through the detailed review of client supplied soils reports and geotechnical information, our Senior Consultants utilize their civil engineering expertise to deliver solutions and guide our clients to the best possible crossing opportunity/solution available. Our knowledge in relation to protection and longevity allows our structure to outlast our generation, as the longest lasting timber bridges in the industry!

Leading the Industry

Our timber bridge specialists provide support and direction to our prospective clients and partners throughout the consultation process. Deep knowledge of the client’s requirements allow us to determine the ideal avenues, materials and design to build custom, targeted crossing solutions.

Our clients can expect comprehensive solutions from experienced, qualified professionals with strong technical and customer-centric competencies including:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Soils Reports & Surveys
  • Roadwork
  • 100-year Flood Calculations
  • Stream Work Evaluation
  • DOT Requirements
  • AASHTO Regulations & Standards
  • Span Configurations
  • Protection, Maintenance and Longevity

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We guarantee every step of our partnership, from our initial consultation through to the design, budgeting and the precise scheduling of construction.

We plan and produce only the highest quality structures, with unsurpassed York Bridge Services™ and York Timber Protective Services™ – unique in our industry! At YBC, we believe teamwork helps us, and our clients, grow — all while achieving the most desired result. We hold strong in our belief that excellence in service and product is non-negotiable. A York Bridge™ is as much ours as it is yours. We take pride in our solid reputation and look forward to a lasting partnership with you!

We enjoy hearing about your latest venture and sharing what our clients have to say about their experience with YBC. Call us today at 800.226.4178!