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Custom Wooden Bridge Design Built-On-Site

Timber Vehicular Bridges

As the industry leader, our Premier York Timber Vehicular Bridges are culminated by innovation, superior design, architectural… Read More


Timber Covered Bridges

At York Bridge Concepts™ (YBC) we design and build Timber Covered Bridges, from scratch, that provide unparalleled… Read More


Timber Pedestrian Bridges

York Bridge Concepts™ (YBC) Decero™-designed Timber Pedestrian Bridges create unique structures that our clients… Read More


Timber Boardwalks

We build each Timber Boardwalk to the highest standards and will not compromise integrity over cost. With a York Bridge™… Read More


Timber Golf Course Bridges

You may have seen a York Bridge Concepts™ (YBC) Timber Golf Course Bridge curving, winding or rolling through… Read More

Timber Trail Bridges

Our team creates a myriad of timber trail bridges where pedestrians and bicyclists can experience the unique qualities that… Read More



Our company creates strikingly beautiful and innovative Timber Overpass Bridges that will last for decades with minimal… Read More



At YBC, we gladly work directly with homeowners to make the entrance to their home or estate spectacular with… Read More



When most people envision “historic bridges,” they most often think of wooden truss bridges. With its picturesque and  … Read More