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At York Bridge Concepts™ (YBC) we design and build Timber Covered Bridges – Decero™ – providing unparalleled authenticity as people drive or walk through them. Our covered bridges are hand-crafted at the project site, one rough sawn, heavy timber at a time.

Our team creates Timber Covered Bridges  reminiscent of traditional historic structures, using unlimited choices in materials, roofing, railing, sealers and deck coatings. Custom designs can be constructed fully-enclosed or utilizing a unique side profile. Our crews are seasoned in covered bridge construction with successful installations throughout the country.

See more of our Covered Bridges at our Covered Bridge Gallery.

Features of a York Covered Vehicular Bridge:

  • Numerous heavy timber rafters, roofing, columns and guard rail designs available to add exclusive appeal to each York Bridge™.
  • Truss, New England, Western and Modern styles — all custom-designed.
  • Roof lines can extend a segment or the entire length of the bridge.
  • Increased longevity — covered bridges can last for over a century.
  • Spans from 15 feet to 100 feet — pile-supported spans, combo spans.
  • Hand-crafted heavy timbers by our experienced field teams.
  • Wide selection of colors with our industry-unique acrylic/polymers combined with the treated wood — provide protection.
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The railing and roofing were the most important design elements:  Not only did they have to meet all of the FDOT and AASHTO requirements, but they also had to be aesthetically-appealing. We thought this was a very strong suit of YBC’s — they were able help us meet any requirements necessary while designing something extremely unique.

~ Hap Cameron (VP of S.E. Cline Construction, Inc.)