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Our team creates a myriad of custom Decero™ timber trail bridges where pedestrians and cyclists alike can experience the uniqueness that comprises our crossings.

We have the expertise needed to solve the complex issues involved in building in environmentally sensitive areas — tree tops, wetlands, across highways, marshlands, lakes and streams — with minimal impact upon the environment.

Features of a York Timber Trail Bridge:

  • York Timber Trail Bridges are unlike any other in the country, exclusive to each project, with minimal impact upon the landscape.
  • Our design team partners with engineering firms to ensure that the bridge designs are carried out in the field and that the proper solution for each crossing is provided.
  • General Contractors have been able to count on us for years to partner with them through the design and build process, with great results.
  • Multiple bridges — Bridges can be a substantial distance from each other; at York Bridge™, we understand the staging issues to set a project up properly the first time.
  • Transporting materials and equipment to the site with efficiency and minimal damage to the environment requires special equipment and specialized knowledge that we have mastered,
  • We handle unique problems, such as having to drill through rock or soft soils to provide foundations that can be counted on.
  • Our construction team is dedicated to managing and coordinating all facets of construction administration — ensuring that the site is in good condition when the bridge is completed and that the bridge is delivered as promised.
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It was our intention to preserve the natural surroundings of the project during construction due to archaeological and cultural interests, therefore the main challenge presented was to construct these bridges with the least impact on the surrounding areas. YBC’s crew achieved this feat to the satisfaction of all concerned.

~ Artha O. Hale (Land Manager, Tunica-Biloxi Reservation)