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Decero™ Design Process

Concept Creation

Decero means "from scratch, from zero." Based on the physical site, the client's vision, and character analysis of the project, your Decero-designed turnkey crossing incorporates solid foundation and substructure with custom guide rail and handrail selections, special architectural features, aesthetics, and color scheme for the protective coatings.

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On-Site Build

Our construction team's reputation is second to none. Safety is always our number one priority. Our clients constantly praise our field crews for their professionalism, on-time delivery, and ability to face challenges head on. Deck-level construction, whenever possible, is of the highest importance in order to preserve the surrounding ecological area.

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Protection & Longevity

York Bridge Services™ increases longevity, reduces maintenance, and provides beauty and integrity to your legacy bridge. Our team returns to your site, 3-6 months after construction and inspects, repairs, and prepares the structure before the application of York Timber Protective Systems™ in the colors of your choice.

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More Decero-Designed Turnkey Crossings

Vehicular Bridges

Pedestrian Bridges

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Concept thru Completion Timber Bridges

Town Village Vehicular Bridge - York Bridge Concepts

Covered Bridges by York Bridge Concepts

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3 weeks ago
How does York Bridge Concepts bring a timber bridge to life? See the process in action and stay tuned for the final result!
3 weeks ago
How does @YorkBridge bring a timber bridge to life?
YorkBridge photo
4 weeks ago
Check out the soaring 40' height of this vehicular timber bridge in Alpharetta, Georgia . See more images at