Timber Bridge Components

The definition of each part of a York Bridge

Guide Rails

YBC’s Timber Guide Rails and Curbing are designed for a loading and shear force of 10,000 pounds. York utilizes heavy treated timbers that are combined with our proprietary acrylic polymers to create long lasting guide rails. Created to be dependable, aesthetically pleasing, and protected from the outdoor elements, our Guide Rail Systems are a result of the endless Decero™ Design possibilities that YBC offers its clients.


Each one-of-a-kind York Timber Pedestrian Bridge incorporates endless possibilities of Decero™ Design Handrails. Providing AASHTO designed handrails that can be ADA compliant, the York Design Team gives special consideration to both the hand rail caps and top rail to ensure an virtually “splinter free” component. Our hand rail systems combine acrylic/polymers with treated wood in order to create long lasting hand rails that are smooth to the touch, and protected from the outdoor elements.

Vehicular Decking

YBC’s Vehicular Decking System utilizes up to 6” of treated timber and is surfaced with Epoxy & Aggregate to create a lasting 2 layer deck system that is AASHTO approved and skid resistant. This deck system safeguards that the aesthetics of the structure are not jeopardized while protecting it from UV rays, water and salt damage – providing a full service life of the bridge.

Pedestrian Decking

YBC’s Pedestrian Deck System combines specialized polymer ingredients and treated timber to create a safe long lasting deck system. Textured polymer surfaced treated wood decking is ADA compliant, fire resistant, scuff resistant, self-cleaning, self-healing and provides maximum UV-ray protection.

Foundation & Substructure

YBC’s timber foundations have been proven in independents studies to last longer than concrete or steel (Koppers,. Piling Life Expectancy. Sydney, Australia: Koppers, 2010. Print.) In addition, YBC has pioneered the process of deck level construction, driving pile from the deck of the bridge when applicable with their unique vibratory process. Our Decero™ Design approach incorporates the poly-coated treated pile foundations as an architectural component of the overall structure. YBC’s heavy sawn timber or glulaminated stringers are engineered and designed for any capacity bridge. YBC’s expert teams utilize Decero™ Design and on-site craftsmanship to arch, roll and/or curve York Structures to the natural setting of the crossing and can span 100 feet or more. Southern Yellow Pine or Douglas Fir Stringers, pile caps and other members are made of treated timbers suitable for their environment and poly/acrylic coated where exposed.

Abutment Systems

YBC’s timber abutments are preferred as a comparable or superior foundation system to other typical material such as concrete or steel. Decero™ designed, York’s Timber Abutments combine proprietary acrylic polymers with treated timbers and piling – built to any specification or capacity – protecting it from UV rays and the environment to create a durable and long lasting timber abutment foundation system.