Bridge Construction Methods

We offer various methods of construction to meet site restrictions or requirements.


Bridge Construction with the Environment in Mind

York Bridge Concepts is the pioneer in limiting contact with the environment by utilizing deck level construction (also known as top-down construction) – virtually eliminating disturbance to the surrounding ecological area.

Deck level construction (top down bridge construction) is the act of building from the deck level by using the bridge itself to support construction equipment. As the bridge is built, both equipment and materials advance on the bridge as it is completed so that we never touch the bridge’s surrounding environment. This innovative construction approach eliminates the need for large equipment on the ground which can damage ecologically sensitive environments, such as wetlands, marshes or streams.

Our teams do as much work as possible from the bridge, reducing the environmental footprint of building your York Timber Bridge. For decades, our company has been developing innovative solutions for complex construction issues such as building bridges over environmentally sensitive areas. That is why clients such as Bald Head Island have chosen us to construct bridges for them over wetlands and marshes.

Prior to our Decero™ Design phase, our team works closely with Owners and Project Managers to address construction and environmental issues. During construction, we continue to partner with our clients to ensure that their environmental concerns are addressed. We take pride and specialize in finding the most cost-effective, safe and timely way to meet construction challenges.

Deck Level Construction in Action