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Pedestrian Concepts

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Our proprietary designs have been elaborated as custom renditions of the vision of our clients and partners. We invite you to browse through our Portfolio, where you can capture ideas and concepts that may be incorporated into your project. All new York Bridges are one-of-a-kind and navigate through our Decero™ Design process in order to fit your project, resulting in a state-of-the-art, long lasting, custom structure that has made YBC the leader in the industry.

The Expression Design Series

Freedom’s Cross

This design series features a combination of rustic materials, conservative lines, and daring spaces, to create a one-of-a-kind crossing. Express yourself and your landscape with your selection of York Timber Prhttp://www.ybc.comotective Systems™.

The Hammel Design Series

Hammel’s Trinity

The Hammel Design Series inspirational driver can be found on a quaint river trail in Illinois, called Hammel Woods Preserve. This series features a balanced mix of horizontal, diagonal and vertical lines creating a rhythmic profile that will complement any landscape.

The Mission Design Series

The Craftsman

The Mission Design Series was inspired by projects such as Atlanta’s Piedmont Park Boardwalk. This series uses classic architectural principles set by the arts and crafts era and features a blend of sleek and sturdy lines, sophisticated layers, and precise proportions. The Mission Design Series provides any landscape with a touch of pure elegance.

The Mondrian Design Series

Composition Squared

The Mondrian Design Series sets out to capture a level of artistry in rail design. This series features bold compositions that frame the beauty of the landscape and highlights any crossing with a refined statement of exquisite design. Make your own statement with the Mondrian Design Series and customize it’s beauty and design with a selection of our York Timber Protective Systems™.

The Paradise Design Series

The Drifter

Inspired by a group of YBC bridges that were fabricated on the island oasis of Baker’s Bay Resort (Bahamas), the Paradise Design Series features clean lines, airy spaces and smooth curves.

The Scenic Design Series

The Meadow

The Scenic Design Series was inspired by our proposal for a timber trail bridge that was meant to unite with the landscape. This series features simplified lines, limited accents and uses transparent strength  to blend with its environment while still making a statement.

The Trussed Design Series

Stars Pass

The Trussed Design Series is inspired by the great triumphs of bridge design and its ability to traverse the impossible. Featuring structurally stunning designs, the Trussed Design Series is based on using strength to expose the beauty of geometry. Reveal your landscape’s strength by customizing your very own timber truss bridge.

The Ybor Design Series


Inspired by the bold architectural accents found in Tampa’s Historic Community of Ybor City, the Ybor Design Series became a part of the YBC’s timber prefabricated bridge collection after originating with our Tampa Water Works Park project. Featuring a sophisticated contrast between the timber and iron materiality — a classic, harmonious and crisp aesthetic is carried through the series. Make your landscape one for the history books with your choice of York Timber Protective Systems™.