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YBC’s History


Where it all began

York Bridge Concepts™ (YBC) began operating as Pelican Marine Enterprises, building decks and docks in the Tampa Bay area.


Challenges & Growth

In the early 1990’s, YBC transitioned into the golf course development market and grew to become a leader in that industry, known for our superior construction of golf cart bridges.


Establishing standards of excellence

Establishing standards of excellence, virtually unmet through innovation and craftsmanship has always been and remains today, the foundation of our organization. Through our accomplishments, we have been able to secure the loyalty of our clients and vendors, knowing that our world is a cooperative arena, not a competitive one.


The turn of the century

York Bridge™ carefully and skillfully defined the timber industry solution to vehicular crossings through partnership and proactivity. Our innovative approach to business relationships, construction techniques and aesthetics has allowed us to defy limitations and exceed expectations.


30 years on

In the last 30 years, York Bridge™ has perfected the art of our Decero™ approach in the design and build of luxury timber bridges of any capacity and purpose. We believe that our continued growth is greatly dependent upon the members of our organization, whose dedication, talents and abilities complete the circle of the pillars of our success.

Today, York Bridge™ maintains these key foundations as the anchor to our continued development. Our partnership with you, our client, remains, without a doubt, the key to our success.