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Located in the harsh desert climate of Bullhead City, Arizona, Laughlin Ranch Development began construction in 2004. York Bridge Concepts™ was carefully chosen to design and build timber bridges able to withstand the mild winters and intense heat during the summers — frequently exceeding 110?F. This location only receives a few inches of precipitation year-round and humidity that at times drops below 12%.

In order to create long-lasting and low maintenance timber bridges, YBC used their extensive knowledge of different types of timber and concluded that douglas fir wood would be the best choice for this climate. In addition to the proper choice of wood and maintenance services, YBC has evolved throughout the years to create their York Bridge Services™ — a revolutionary process to protect the timbers from harmful ultra violet rays, moisture and to add traction on trafficked surfaces — allowing for even lower maintenance and increased safety.

Even after almost a decade in this dry, caustic environment, Laughlin Ranch Development’s York Timber Bridges still thrive as the grand entrances to its community. Much credit for this is due to YBC’s individually-developed maintenance plans, as well as their innovative York Bridge Services™ and the preventative application of their York Timber Protective Systems™.