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Tranquilo Golf Club

Silverstein Properties, Inc.

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

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Tranquilo Golf Club

Located in sunny Buena Vista, Florida – the “Tranquilo Golf Club” bridge was first built several years ago and since then had deteriorated and weakened over time due to being unprotected by the harsh UV-rays and the natural weather elements. Based on York Bridge Concepts™ extensive experience and expertise, the client reached out to York Bridge Concepts in the pursuit of revitalizing & refurbishing their bridge. YBC’s skilled crew members visited the bridge in early 2014 and it was clearly evident that the timber bridge needed a complete refurbishment & overhaul. This is where York Bridge Concepts™ stepped in.

Once the inspection and initial steps are completed, YBC remobilizes to the bridge site and completes a visual walkthrough of the bridge. The existing handrail is torn out and replaced with YBC’s Decero™ Design Guard Rail with curbing. A wear deck is installed on the deck surface to provide a wearing surface for golf carts, light traffic and/or pedestrians. The wear deck is designed to protect the deck surface from wear and tear, lengthening the life of the bridge. It is glued and fastened with stainless steel screws for super holding power. Along with the new wear deck, all hardware is dual coated and the fastener holes are cleaned and filled with preserving filling. The stringer straps are replaced. Stone rip rap is installed at one end of the bridge for erosion control.

After the structural upgrades are completed, a thorough environmental protection for the surrounding wetlands is completed before starting the application of the York Timber Protective Systems™. The bridge is then prepared for a thorough wash/clean – using only environmentally safe products. YBC’s Pedestrian Decking System combines specialized polymer ingredients and treated timber to create a safe and long-lasting deck system. A four step process is applied to the deck of the bridge including a primer coat, two coats of Texture Polymer Coating, and one coat of sealer. Texture Polymer Surfaced treated wood decking is ADA compliant, fire resistant, scuff resistant, self-cleaning, self-healing, and provides maximum UV-ray protection.

The finish crew then applies two coats of YBC’s Proprietary elastomeric acrylic/co-polymer coating blend to all visible surfaces of the hand and guide railing systems, curbing systems, outside stringers, exposed piles caps, all piles, and head/wing walls. To finish, one coat of YBC’s proprietary nano-molecular self-cleaning clear sealer is applied to the entirety of the hand and guide rails and stringers.

Since York Bridge Concepts™ completed the refurbishment of the bridge at Tranquilo Golf Club at Four Seasons Resort, the bridge has been restored to its original glory in addition to increasing its life span and service life. Spanning a total length of 75 feet, the bridge captures the essence of Tranquilo Golf Club and blends perfectly with its surroundings. The York Timber Structure will continue to be used for the overall service of the golf course and development, while providing maintenance vehicle and golf cart traffic as well as foot traffic to and from the resort. This Decero™ Designed York Timber Refurbished Bridge will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Before Refurbishment

Tranquilo Golf Club (Before)

After Refurbishment

timber bridge
Tranquilo Golf Club

Tranquilo Golf Club Refurbishment Process Video