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Woodbridge Crossing
Smyrna, Georgia

Located fifteen miles west of Atlanta, Woodbridge Crossing is a a sophisticated residential development with 165 homes in the community. The bridge was originally built in 2008 by YBC, and in 2016 the bridge has been completely refurbished with our state-of-the-art York Timber Protective Systems (YTPS). The 75′ long free span Covered Vehicular Bridge is a landmark piece, that will be enjoyed by local residents and guests for generations to come.

Bridge Specifications

  • Type: Covered Vehicular Bridge
  • Width: 26’
  • Length: 75’
  • Height: 24’
  • Capacity: HS20-44
  • Span Type: Free Span
  • Material: Southern Yellow Pine
  • Crossing: Freshwater Creek
  • Guard Rail: X-Style
  • Hand Rail: Picket
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