Timber Bridge Inspections

Over 100 years of combined staff experience in the timber bridge construction industry


Over 30 years in timber bridge construction

Our seasoned professionals routinely conduct bridge inspections for new and existing timber structures. We strive to give each client peace-of-mind, knowing that their bridge is safe, properly maintained, and reaches its proper service life — assuring that it will age beautifully throughout the years. We offer one-time bridge inspections as well as custom inspection plans that are formulated for each individual project and/or client’s needs.

Why is it important to have your bridges routinely inspected?

Many timber bridges go without an inspection their entire service life. When a bridge is inspected, we are able to give our clients the necessary maintenance and/or repair details to know before possible issues become irreparable or too costly. Knowing the best recommended maintenance and bridge protection procedures allows our clients to extend the service life of their bridge. When a bridge is properly inspected and maintained, it actually requires less maintenance during its lifetime. We recommend inspecting any York Timber Pedestrian or Vehicular Bridge every two to six years, depending on the volume of traffic, climate and/or safety concerns. We will inspect timber bridges built by others and recommend the same two to six years between inspections.

Who performs inspections?

Visual inspection of the bridge is performed by one of our Service Professionals (trained to perform inspections, evaluations and repairs of most timber bridges) and by one of our Structural Engineers (licensed in all 50 states and experts in the inspection and evaluation of most timber bridges).

What is included in this York Bridge Service™?

A visual inspection of the timber bridge will be conducted and includes all elements of the bridge that are accessible, above ground, out of the water and free from major brush. Detailed photographs are taken to document all areas of the bridge structure as well as any problem areas. These are used as exhibits in the informative report as visual back up. A detailed report is produced detailing, but not limited to, the following:
  • Condition of the bridge and its components
  • Recommendations for immediate repair
  • Recommendations for maintenance, longevity and low maintenance
  • Review of the report with the client to elaborate on all specifics and to go into more detail if necessary
  • An estimate for any repairs or maintenance of the bridge completed by our staff Safety Recommendations

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