Timber Bridge Inspections

Maximize your timber bridge life with an inspection by our timber bridge construction experts


Over 30 years in timber bridge construction

Many timber bridges go without an inspection their entire service life. We recommend protecting your bridge with a professional bridge inspection — an integral component of York Bridge Services™. With over 30 years of experience, we are the industry leader in on-site timber vehicular and pedestrian bridge construction. Our highly-skilled professionals share over 100 years of combined experience in the timber bridge construction industry. Our seasoned professionals routinely conduct bridge inspections for new and existing timber structures. We strive to give each client piece-of-mind, knowing that their bridge is safe, properly maintained, and reaches its proper service life.

Why is it important to have your bridges routinely inspected?

  • Routine inspections assist in reducing maintenance during its lifetime. The Department of Transportation recommends 2 year intervals for vehicular bridge inspections.

  • Inspections provide our clients the necessary maintenance and/or repair recommendations before irreparable or costly damages occur due to physical and/or environmental conditions.

  • Helps our clients to extend the service life of their bridge.

  • To fulfill the fiduciary obligations to our client’s investment.

Who performs inspections?

  • YBC Service Professionals that have been trained to perform visual inspections, evaluations and repairs of timber bridges.

  • Consulting Structural Engineers that are experts in the inspection and evaluation of timber bridges, licensed in all 48 contiguous states.

What is included in our inspection service?

  • An on-site visual inspection of the timber bridge including all elements of the bridge that are accessible, above ground, out of the water and free from major brush.
  • Thorough documentation of all areas & conditions of the bridge including photographs and written exhibits.
  • A professional report provides a thorough analysis including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Bridge Condition
    • Bridge Component Evaluation
    • Recommendations for repairs, reduced maintenance, & longevity of service life.
    • Safety Recommendations
  • A YBC professional review of inspection report with client including a Q&A regarding specifics, as needed.
  • A formal estimate for any recommended repairs or maintenance of the bridge.

What bridges are inspected and when?

We recommend inspecting any Timber Pedestrian or Vehicular Bridge every two to six years, depending on the volume of traffic, climate and/or safety concerns.

What inspection plans does YBC offer?

We offer one-time bridge inspections and custom inspection plans formulated for each project and/or client’s needs. Multi-year plans are based on a routine inspection schedule over a given time period.

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