Timber Vehicular Bridges

Residential Driveways, Double Lane Roads, & Maintenance Access, featuring attached Pedestrian Walkways & Custom Architecture, a Timber Bridge for every use and capacities up to HL-93

For over 30 years, we’ve been the premier timber vehicular bridge builder with hundreds of vehicular bridges built in nearly all 50 states as well as internationally.

Professional Design-Build Services for New Vehicular Bridges

  Bridge Design

Our design-build process starts with evaluating your values and needs. First, we examine the context, the site, and how you intend to use the vehicular bridge(s). Then, we produce a design intent customized to these elements. Our bridge designs provide our clients architecturally stunning profiles and fresh color selections, that are then fully engineered by a consulting structural engineer in your state. We pride ourselves in going the extra step in design. Because of this dedication, we are the premier timber vehicular bridge builder in the industry. We also have an extensive portfolio of pedestrian bridges, golf course bridges, timber boardwalks, and covered bridges.

  Bridge Construction

Our construction process begins shortly after the design is finalized. First, our professional in-office construction team works to procure the materials, schedule our on-site construction, and coordinate with the bridge construction site to meet their needs. Next, we mobilize one of our expert field teams to your site to construct your bridge. As an expert bridge builder, we make sure our bridges are built with precision craftsmanship, advanced problem solving skills, and first-class material selections, in addition to, adhering to strict quality control measures. As a result, we produce complete vehicular bridges including solid substructure foundations and exquisite guide rails.

  Bridge Protection & Maintenance

Furthermore, we highly recommend our York Timber Protective SystemTM as a vital component to our York Bridge ServicesTM . In order to achieve the greatest return on investment in your timber vehicular bridge. As a result, we are the leading bridge builder in protection, because we constantly evolve our services, systems, and applications. Our goal is to maximize their positive effects on bridge life. We utilize specialized field team training in order to provide a superior application process. Due to this evolutionary strategy, we offer enhanced aesthetics that provide increased climate protection, reduced maintenance demands, and maximized longevity.

York Bridge Services™ for Existing Bridges

  Bridge Inspections

As the leading timber bridge builder, we recommend that any timber bridge be professionally inspected every 2 to 3 years. Therefore, we offer one-time bridge inspections, Also, the client can receive custom inspection plans based on their needs. Inspections are key to properly maintaining timber vehicular bridges because, they help to monitor the bridge’s quality and performance. First, our inspections are performed by an experienced timber bridge professional. Then, we follow up with a report of the inspection, that can be fully engineered by a consulting engineer in the bridge state upon request. Our report includes all refurbishment recommendations that can extend the bridge’s service life. We conduct bridge inspections for new and existing timber vehicular bridges. Consequently, our goal is to assure each client that their bridge is safe, structurally sound, and receiving proper care. Learn more about our timber bridge inspection service.

  Bridge Refurbishment

The goal of our refurbishment services are to extend the life of your timber vehicular bridge, while increasing your return on investment. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in timber bridges. We have thousands of vehicular, pedestrian, and golf cart bridges built around the world. We are THE timber bridge company you can trust. Our full-service bridge refurbishment approach maximizes the bridge’s level of performance and excellence. Our services include performing recommended repairs, providing structural upgrades, and applying York Timber Protective Systems™. Learn more about our timber bridge refurbishment service.

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