Decero™ Design Process

Our exclusive design-build process to create one-of-a-kind legacy timber bridges

Create a Concept

During the initial stages of the design-build process, we examine local history and context, site evaluation and analysis, and special conditions for bridge use to produce customized design intent, architecturally stunning profiles, fresh color selections, and fully engineered design.


Build On Site

We utilize professional personnel, precision craftsmanship, advanced adaptability and problem solving, top tier material selection, strict quality assurance and quality control measures to produce abutments, foundations, solid substructure and exquisite guiderails.


Finish & Protect

We utilize York Bridge Services™ and York Timber Protective Systems™ and specialized craftsman training to produce enhanced aesthetics weather and climate protection, reduced maintenance demands, and increased longevity of bridge life.


See the Process from Start to Finish

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