Collaboration Is Paramount

Fostering Decades Of Partnerships

Collaboration Is Paramount

Fostering Decades Of Partnerships

Partnering With YBC

Since our inception, collaboration with our clients has been transformative. These endeavors have played a pivotal role in reshaping the future of how we build timber bridges.

Partnering With YBC

Since our inception, collaboration with our clients has been transformative. These endeavors have played a pivotal role in reshaping the future of how we build timber bridges.

Maximum Efficiency

Integrated Project Delivery

If you have an integrated project delivery or a fast-track project, we recommend contacting us the minute a bridge or significant culvert is an option. We will collaborate with you and review your plans, photographs, survey or early site designs, and anything we can use to establish length, width, and height expectations. Let our expertise shine on the best custom bridge solution for the site.
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Project Scoping

Design Bid Build

For traditional design bid builds, we strongly suggest inclusion in the budgeting phase. This helps clients make appropriate assertions regarding cost allowances, order of magnitudes, and/or refinements to the scope so that these details can land in a bid package.

Our goal is to account for what-ifs but not inflate them, to give clients a clear understanding of a bridge project. Not including these details can compromise budgets and/or responsible bidding; many times, if they’re not included it is unlikely YBC will participate in bidding.
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Complete Project

Design Build

When the concept of the bridge or culvert crossing(s) is anticipated or required, it is best to collaborate with us before construction documentation (if relevant to the project) or minimally several months before the site construction commences in the crossing area.

This ensures that the design can be completed and is detailed for maximum efficiency. Our comprehensive drawings are much more than the design, they also focus on the design’s engineering, construction, and longevity of the bridge; they are carefully crafted for each project.
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The Stages Of Design, Engineering, & Construction


Client Collaboration

YBC believes in the power of collaboration. We actively engage with our clients throughout the entire design & construction process, taking the time to understand and incorporate ideas & aspirations. Fostering open communication ensures the client's vision is at the focus of the project.


Comprehensive Consultations

Our team works with clients to gather all insights into their lifestyle, functionality, and aesthetic preferences. We intently focus on the uniqueness of the project ensuring that bespoke timber crossing  is reflected in design elements, materials, and overall ambiance of the project.


Bespoke Design Solutions

We take a very personalized approach to the design process. We work closely with clients to develop a custom design solution that aligns with specific needs & desires. We incorporate architectural styles utilizing sustainable materials, and integrative features, making a custom-tailored project that delights our clients.


Focused On The Details

We understand that it's the details that make the difference. We meticulously account for every possible aspect of your project, from layout to functionality to the materials and finishes. Paying attention to these details ensures the final result exceeds the client's expectations.


Quality Craftsmanship

We take pride in delivering projects of the highest quality. YBC uses our craftsmen with decades of experience in timber crossings. This ensures that our team's commitment to excellence, with attention to detail results in a crossing that goes beyond the client's wishes.


Post Construction Phase

Once construction is completed, there is a final walkthrough to ensure the client is happy with the results. Additionally, we offer inspection & maintenance programs to ensure your legacy continues to impress for decades to come.

How YBC Integrates Into Your Process

Integrated Project Delivery

Pre-Design Consultation

At this stage, you & your Bridge Consultant will review the project to gain an idea of the scope and ballpark figures and determine the next steps.

Schematic Design

Design Collaboration

Understand what is needed for all stakeholders. This involves a schematic design consultation & establishes design development partnership goals.

Plan Of Attack

Build  Collaboration

In this part of the process, your Construction Team will be assigned to your project. They will handle PM for Engineering and Pre-Construction Consultations.

Construction Phase

Boots On The Ground

Only our master craftsmen can build your bridge. This guarantees the technical know-how and expertise to ensure the authenticity of every facet of your bridge.

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