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We believe in empowering our audience with knowledge. Our educational webinars are designed to provide valuable insights into the world of bridge design and construction. Whether you're a seasoned industry professional or someone with a budding interest in bridges, our webinars offer a wealth of information.

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Why You Should Watch Our Webinars?

Expert Insights

Learn from our team of experienced engineers and bridge design specialists who have successfully executed projects across diverse landscapes.

Advancements In Tech

Stay abreast of the latest advancements in bridge construction technology and design trends that can elevate your projects.

Practical Tips

Gain practical knowledge that you can apply directly to your projects, enhancing efficiency and quality.

Interactive Sessions

Engage in Q&A sessions with our experts, ensuring that your specific queries are addressed and your understanding is crystal clear.

What You'll learn

Our webinars cover a wide-range of topics.

Innovative Bridge Designs

Explore groundbreaking bridge designs that combine aesthetics with structural integrity.

Sustainable Construction Practices

Learn how to incorporate eco-friendly practices into your bridge projects without compromising on performance.

Timber Bridge Project Integrations

Gain practical knowledge that you can apply directly to your projects, enhancing efficiency and quality.

Material Selection

Understand the importance of choosing the right materials for durability, safety, and longevity.

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Load & Capacities for a Timber Bridge Webinar

"I Didn’t Know a Wooden Bridge Could Do That!"

Load Capacities & Uses for a Timber Crossing
Pre - Recorded Webinar

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Most people don’t know about road ratings or loading capacities - we get that. Lots of people underestimate timber bridges - we know that. So to save you a challenging web search, time, and maybe even some money, we made this webinar for you! This session will outline both vehicular and pedestrian uses that timber bridges are great for AND give you access to guideline resources on how you can determine what capacity might be necessary for your next project. From accommodating highway standards to some supersized requests for powerline companies, mining facilities, and construction equipment, we’ve got projects that’ll make you say, “I didn’t know a timber bridge could do THAT.”
How To Build For Longevity Webinar

How to Build For Longevity:

Timber Bridge Construction & Materials
Pre - Recorded Webinar

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In construction, the longevity potential of timber is something that is often overlooked.  With proper construction procedures timber can hold a long lifespan.  At YBC we have made timber a viable option for vehicular bridges by using modern timber bridge building materials and techniques. We have incorporated the proper design, materials, building techniques and protective systems through several years of research and development to provide a bridge that will last 75 years. This webinar dives into our construction methods & materials that create structures to last a lifetime!

Timber Bridge Spanning Solutions Webinar

Spanning Solutions with a Timber Bridge:

Pre - Recorded Webinar

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How do you define the word span? Some define it as the bridge from end to end and others understand it as the clear between foundational supports. Neither is wrong, however, the overall length of span can have dramatic effects on design, construction, and budget. In this webinar, we’ll outline all the span types a timber bridge offers and the key conditions that help define the scope. We will also narrow in on one of our most popular solutions, present a project case study, and discuss how these principles can assist your projects.
Legacy Timber Bridge Design Webinar

Legacy Timber Bridge Design:

Creating an iconic & Memorable Crossing for Your Development
Pre - Recorded Webinar

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Residential development, retail development, mixed use development, and commercial development all have one thing in common, they are all aiming to be the BEST. In order to be recognized as the BEST, no matter your clientele, developers need something to set them apart. We’ve helped industry leading developers of all types transform their crossing challenge into that memorable development icon with our legacy timber bridge design. We will discuss key elements from a selection of our BEST bridges that created a buzz in their community, their advertising, their brand, and beyond.

Culvert Or Bridge Webinar

Culvert or Bridge:

Considerations Before Choosing a Crossing Method

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Did you know that timber bridges can be more beneficial economically, ecologically, and aesthetically for a project than the common culvert. Many times, culverts can seem like a quick and easy fix to crossing water, wetlands, or floodways on a project. However, our 20 Year Veteran Bridge Consultant Titus Edwards, will be discussing past projects when our timber bridges satisfied the client's need better than a culvert or concrete span, as well as, sharing a few of his key points to think about before you choose your crossing method.
Designing with YBC Webinar

Designing with YBC:

Enhancing Environments with Timber Bridge

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YBC has cultivated a collaborative design approach that boasts a combination of written, graphic, and verbal information. We’ve zeroed in on the top resources that influence professionals to effectively meet their vision, solve their crossing problem, or do both at the same time! In this webinar, we will fast track you through design processes, planning resources, and consultations that are available to you, all while highlighting some of our most successful collaborations.
How To Maximize the Life Span of a Timber Bridge Webinar

How to Maximize the Life Span of a Timber Bridge:

Guidelines for Material Selection, Protection, & Maintenance
Pre-Recorded Webinar

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How long can a timber bridge really last? YBC is the industry leader for the research and evolving development of timber bridge protection. In this webinar, we will highlight the key elements of materials, design, protective coatings, and maintenance that contribute to maximizing the life of a timber bridge, and address the life expectancy that comes with a York Bridge.
Environmentally Sensitive Timber Bridge Design & Construction Webinar

Environmentally Sensitive Timber Bridge Design & Construction:

Top Down Construction Method, Green Materials, & Site Clean-Up
Pre - recorded webinar

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How can construction respect and even benefit the environment? In short, materials, means, and methods are the key elements to address in environmentally sensitive projects. In this webinar, we will discuss our trifecta for success in the development of our long lasting timber bridges and how we’ve built in the world’s most protected environments.

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