Timber Bridge Materials

We utilize handpicked vendors to source premium treated timber, hardware, & more specific to each York Bridge™

At York Bridge™, we believe that premium materials are vital to a well-built, durable structure. We offer a wide array of types, sizes, cuts and grades to customize timber bridges, adding to the beauty and versatility of your design. Each York Bridge™ uses timber treatments that extend the life of the timbers by providing protection from insects or fungi. These treatments extend the life of wood to well over 50 years minimizing the need for repairs or replacement.

Wood Options

Southern Yellow Pine

Southern Yellow Pine

Used for its high density, Southern Pine has the highest specific gravity of all common structural lumber species, providing superior fastener-holding power and load-bearing capacity. See our projects built with Southern Yellow Pine.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir

Often our standard used in the Western United States where this species is most commonly found. It is also tight knotted and close grained, adding the bonus of beauty to its structural capabilities. See our projects built with Douglas Fir.

Glued Laminated Beams (Glulam)

Glued Laminated Beams

Glued laminated timber, also called Glulam, is a type of structural timber product comprising a number of layers of dimensional timber, bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant, structural adhesives. See bridge projects with glulam stringers.

Other Material Options

Addtional Wood Options


Every connection is important in the prevention of twisting and warping. We use the highest quality fasteners available to provide a well-built structure that will last.

Plywood Construction Matting

  • Protects the bridge from damage or marks during the construction of the bridge(s).
  • Protects the wetlands from oils or fluids from the equipment during the construction of the bridge(s).
  • Recommended for boardwalks, when using composite materials and on any bridge greater than 200' in length.
  • Recommended for vehicular bridges that will be constructed during the building of a development.

York Timber Protective Systems™ assist in timber bridge longevity and are recommended on ALL timber structures.

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