Timber Bridge Onsite construction

Industry Leading Methods Since 1985

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Precision Onsite construction

At York Bridge Concepts, we take pride in our expertise in onsite construction for timber bridges, bringing together innovation, safety, and environmental responsibility. Explore the comprehensive sections that define our seamless process.

Environmental & Safety Protocols

Our commitment to sustainability extends to every project. York Bridge Concepts adheres to stringent environmental and safety protocols, ensuring minimal impact on the surroundings and prioritizing the well-being of our team and your community.

construction methods

Building Approaches & Strategies per site conditions

For challenging crossings, YBC utilizes cutting-edge construction methods that form the backbone of our timber bridge projects. From advanced technologies to time-tested techniques, our onsite construction methods guarantee durability, efficiency, and a bridge that stands the test of time.
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Driving pile & alternative methods

Setting Foundations for Timber Bridges

A strong foundation is crucial for the longevity of any structure. York Bridge Concepts excels in setting foundations for timber bridges, employing engineering precision to ensure stability and resilience in diverse environmental conditions.

securing bents

Constructing Abutments & Piling Bents

Our meticulous approach to securing bents goes beyond industry standards. Whether constructing abutments or piling bents, we employ state-of-the-art techniques to fortify the structural integrity of your timber bridge.
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Framing spans

Framing Spans: Glulams, Multiple Spans, Free Spans, and Repetitive Spans

Experience the artistry of timber bridge construction in our framing spans section. From the beauty of Glue Laminated Beams (Glulams) to the versatility of multiple spans, free spans, and repetitive spans, we tailor each project to your unique requirements.

vehicular decking

Laying Vehicular Sub-decking that meet standards, aesthetics, & requirements

Craftsmanship meets functionality as we lay vehicular sub-decking with precision. Our onsite construction pays close attention to detail ensuring a smooth and durable surface, providing the foundation for a safe and reliable vehicular passage.
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vehicular guide rails

Building & Raising Vehicular Guide Rails

Safety takes the forefront as we meticulously raise and build vehicular guide rails. Our experienced team ensures that each element aligns seamlessly, offering not only functionality but also aesthetic appeal to your timber bridge meeting all ASHTO requirements.

pedestrian decking

Laying pedestrian decking with precise fastening for a smooth walking surface

For pathways that stand out in both form and function, trust York Bridge Concepts to lay pedestrian decking. Our expertise ensures a surface that caters to pedestrian needs while enhancing the overall aesthetic of your timber bridge.
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Pedestrian guide rails

Assembling, Aligning, & Fastening Pedestrian Guide rail Systems

Elevate the pedestrian experience with our expertly raised and built pedestrian rails. The assembly, alignment, and fastening of guide rail systems are executed with precision, ensuring safety and reliability for all bridge users.


Punchlist, Clean Up, and Sign Off

As we approach the completion phase, our attention to detail remains unwavering. A thorough punch list, meticulous cleanup, and final sign-off signify the culmination of a project that exceeds expectations.
At York Bridge Concepts, our commitment to excellence in onsite construction for timber bridges is not just a promise; it's our legacy. Contact us today to embark on a journey toward a timber bridge that seamlessly blends form, function, and lasting quality.
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