Timber Bridge Construction Videos

View York Bridge Concepts Time Lapse Videos of our timber bridge builds

Timber Bridge Construction Videos

View York Bridge Concepts Time Lapse Videos of our timber bridge builds

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of York Bridge Concepts

Where innovation meets craftsmanship in the construction of timber bridges. Our time-lapse videos capture the intricate dance of progress as each timber piece is meticulously placed, creating a symphony of engineering excellence. From the initial groundwork to the final touch, witness the evolution of our timber bridge concepts in a breathtaking visual journey. Our videos not only showcase the technical precision involved but also highlight the dedication and skill of our team, turning timber into timeless structures that seamlessly blend with the natural environment.

Immerse yourself in the artistry of York Bridge Concepts' timber bridge construction time-lapse videos, where every frame tells a story of innovation, sustainability, and beauty. The videos unveil the ballet of construction, featuring cutting-edge techniques that harmonize with the organic grace of timber. Each clip captures the essence of our commitment to quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, showcasing the transformation of raw materials into stunning timber bridges. York Bridge Concepts invites you to experience the magic of our construction processes, demonstrating that beyond engineering, there is an art to building bridges that stand the test of time.

York Bridge Concepts Construction Process Videos

Free Span Installation In Georgia

View our timelapse video of YBC's Deck-Level construction of a free span vehicular wooden bridge in Hocschton, Georgia.

Repetitive Span Installation In Georgia

Deck Level construction of a repetitive span of a wooden vehicular bridge for the Edison Chastain project in Marietta, Georgia. 

How To Build A YBC Timber Bridge

How to build a bridge using YBC's Deck-Level construction for the Sunset Beach project in Hutchinson Island, Florida

Pedestrian Bridge Installation In Maine 

The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens project for a wooden pedestrian bridge built in Maine by York Bridge Concepts.

Repetitive Span Vehicular Bridge

YBC partnered with Roma Ventures to build a 53' repetitive span for The Heights at Ashford Park project in Chamblee, Georgia.

Building A Wooden Boardwalk

The Somerby Boardwalk project shows the timelapse video of a repetitive span, elevated boardwalk construction outside of Atlanta, GA.

Multiple Span HS20-44 Timber Bridge

Hampton Lake is a multiple span vehicular  timber bridge project that York Bridge Concepts completed in Hampton Lake, South Carolina

Themed Design Vehicular Bridge

York Bridge Concepts partnered with Connolly Investment & Development to build a bridge that represented Chamblee's railroad history.

Residential Driveway In New York

See the time-lapse construction video for a residential driveway built in Cross River, NY by York Bridge Concepts.

Deck Level Construction In Louisiana

Watch this time-lapse video of York Bridge Concepts utilizing our Deck-Level construction for Church of the King in Mandeville, Louisiana

Ecotecture Construction Over A Creek

York Bridge Concepts Deck-Level Construction over a creek for The Lake Arrowhead Unit 7 community in Waleska, Georgia.

Ave Maria University Pedestrian Bridge

York Bridge Concepts, Designed & Built the timber pedestrian crossing for the Ave Maria University in Florida.

Wooden Boardwalk Construction

Understand how a wooden boardwalk is built by York Bridge Concepts. This project was done for the OneC1TY campus in Nashville, Tennessee

Environmentally Friendly Construction

See how our proprietary Deck-Level construction is utilized to protect the wetlands for the Regional Training Institute in Pembroke, NH.

Eco-Friendly Construction Over Creek

Watch as we build timber vehicular bridge over a creek for the Loch Lloyd Community located in Loch Lloyd North, Missouri.

Challenging Boardwalk Construction

This awe inspiring build shows how YBC was able to accomplish challenging terrain with our Deck-Level Construction in Scenic Point Park, TX.

Wooden Bridge Construction

York Bridge Concepts is the premier timber bridge builder. This video shows exactly why on the Crystal Beach Park Project in Woodward, OK.

Time-Lapse Timber Vehicular Bridge Build

The Preserve at Worcester, Massachusetts is a great example of how York Bridge Concepts Design Build Construction comes to life.

Bridge Construction Over Manmade Pond

View this vehicular timber bridge construction process with utilizing ground level and Deck-Level techniques in Heritage Shores, Delaware.

Focus On Conservation In Construction

YBC's timelapse video shows our construction process through protected forests in the Northwest River Park project in Virginia.

Covered Bridge Construction

There's nothing like the charm of a timber covered bridge. The Plantation at Winyah Bay in South Carolina is a project dearest to our hearts.