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Our Design Center Is Your Project Resource for Timber Bridges

Your comprehensive resource for all things related to bridge design and construction. Whether you're an engineer, architect, contractor, or enthusiast, our center provides a wealth of information to assist you in your bridge projects. From loading diagrams to CAD drawings, section views to decking and guide rail designs, we've got you covered.

Generic Loading Diagrams & Section Views

Understanding the loads that a bridge must withstand is crucial in designing a structure that is safe and durable. Our loading diagrams provide detailed information on various types of loads, including live loads, dead loads, wind loads, and seismic loads. With clear visuals and explanatory notes, you'll be equipped to make informed decisions about your bridge design.

Generic Span Drawings

Visualizing the span of a bridge is essential for assessing its structural integrity and functionality. Our span drawings offer detailed depictions of different bridge configurations, including free span bridges, repetitive span bridges, multiple span bridges, and more.

CAD Drawings

For precise planning and execution of bridge projects, CAD drawings are indispensable tools. Our collection of CAD drawings encompasses a wide range of bridge designs. Whether you're designing a new bridge or retrofitting an existing one, our CAD resources provide the detailed specifications you need to begin your planning.

Handrail & Guide Rail Designs

The decking and guide rail are essential elements of any bridge, contributing to both its functionality and aesthetics. Our design center offers a variety of decking options, including timber and composite materials, each with its unique advantages and considerations.

Project Cutsheets

Our project cutsheets offer concise yet comprehensive summaries of bridge projects, providing essential specifications and visual representations on a single page. Each cutsheet includes key details such as project dimensions, materials used, construction methods, and notable features. 

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Committed To Supporting You

Whether you're embarking on a new construction endeavor or seeking to enhance an existing structure, let us be your trusted partner in bridge design excellence. Explore our comprehensive library of loading diagrams, section views, CAD drawings, and decking & guide rail designs to elevate your next bridge project to new heights.

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Culvert or Bridge Decision Guide

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What's Best: A Culvert Or A Timber Bridge?

Understand the considerations you should make before choosing your crossing method.

What Is The Best Span Type For My Project?

See how creative scoping, design, & usage work to create the perfect spanning solution for your project.

Which Load Capacity I Need?

Understand the different load capacities for usage that are needed for your project.

How Do I Cross An Environmentally Sensitive Area?

Learn how YBC crosses protected areas with our Deck-Level Construction.

How Do I Create A Landmark?

Create a memorable icon for your development project with a YBC Legacy Timber Bridge.

How Long Does A Timber Bridge Last?

Extend the lifespan of your timber bridge to over 75 years using these guidelines, material selection, protection & maintenance practices.

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Culvert Or Bridge

If you're considering using a culvert for your crossing project. Click below to understand the best fit for your project.

Culvert Or Bridge
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Spanning Solutions

Spanning a crossing is one of the most important aspects of your crossing project. Find the best solution for your crossing needs.

Spanning Types
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Uses & Capacities

The load capacity of a timber bridge may surprise you. See specs for different loads and uses that will help your decision-making process.

Bridge Loads & Usages