Nicola Pizza- Lewes, DE

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Nicola Pizza Family Restaurant- Lewes, DE

Nicola Pizza Family Restaurant- Lewes, DE


  • Width:
  • 16' (12' clear)
  • Length:
  • 32'
  • Height:
  • 3' above grade
  • Capacity:
  • 90 PSF
  • Construction:
  • Ground Level
  • Span Type:
  • Repetitive Span
  • Material:
  • Southern Yellow Pine/Jatoba
  • Foundation:
  • Timber Piles (Coated where Exposed)
  • Stringers:
  • SYP S4S Stringers (Translucent Oil Based Coated where Exposed)
  • Deck System:
  • 1” Hardwood Deck
  • Handrail:
  • Wire Mesh Design Series
  • Crossing:
  • Rain Garden

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