Mandalay Private Residence Vehicular Bridge – Florida

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Aerial profile shot of the Mandalay 2-lane timber vehicular bridge project in Southern Florida

Preserving Natural Wetlands

The Mandalay Timber Bridge: An Ecotecture Marvel in Southeast Florida

Nestled in the heart of Florida's beautiful tropical coastal landscape the Mandalay project has been accomplished!

This project presented many challenges, but YBC came prepared. Preserving the estuary with its delicate sea bed, sea grasses, and protected mangroves was paramount and the reason Ferreira Construction Group brought YBC into the project. For York Bridge Concepts' this is where we shine. Using YBC's Deck-Level Construction, we removed the dilapidated crossing structure and built a vehicular timber bridge that not only can handle the harsh saltwater environment but do so with elegance.


  • Vehicular Width:
  • 17’ 10” (16’ 6” clear)
  • Length:
  • 262’
  • Height:
  • 9’ (from ground)
  • Capacity:
  • HS25-44
  • Construction:
  • Deck-Level
  • Span Type:
  • Repetitive Span
  • Span Lengths:
  • (18)14.55’
  • Material:
  • CCA Treated SYP, and
    Jatoba Hardwood

  • Foundation:
  • Wrapped Treated Timber
    Piles (Acrylic Coated
    where exposed)

  • Stringers:
  • Rough Sawn SYP Stringers
    (Oil Coated where

  • Vehicular Deck System:
  • 1” Jatoba Top Deck
    4” SYP Subdeck

  • Guardrail:
  • Decero™ Classic Design

  • Crossing:
  • Lagoon

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A Bridge Where Art Meets Ecology

The Mandalay Timber Bridge stands not just as a physical link between two points but as a symbol of a deep commitment to preserving the intricate balance of Florida's ecosystems. Situated amidst sprawling wetlands and overlooking a serene estuary, this bridge was designed to celebrate the land while leaving a minimal footprint.

The Marvel of Sustainable Construction

The Mandalay Timber Bridge showcases the incredible versatility of natural materials in modern construction. The choice of timber not only enhances the bridge's aesthetic appeal, but it also reduces the environmental impact typically associated with conventional building materials. Each piece of timber was hand-selected with precision, ensuring durability, longevity, and minimal ecological disruption.


A Lesson in Ecological Sensitivity

The construction of the Mandalay Timber Bridge was not without its challenges. Engineers, architects, and environmentalists collaborated closely to ensure that the project's footprint remained light. The delicate wetlands and estuary were studied extensively to minimize disruption during construction, with advanced construction techniques employed to mitigate potential harm.


Harmony with Nature

One of the standout features of the Mandalay Timber Bridge is its unique design that weaves seamlessly into the natural surroundings. The bridge's graceful arches mimic the curves of the wetlands, while the timber's warm hues mirror the earthy tones of the environment. This intentional design blurs the line between architecture and nature, inviting residents and visitors to appreciate the beauty of both worlds.


A Bridge to the Future

The Mandalay Timber Bridge stands tall as a testament to what can be achieved when human innovation and ecological consciousness come together. It showcases that modern living can coexist harmoniously with nature, serving as an inspiration for future construction projects to prioritize sustainability and environmental stewardship.

As we journey across the Mandalay Timber Bridge, we are reminded that we can contribute to a more sustainable future. This marvel of construction speaks not just to its creators' skill, but to their deep respect for the delicate ecosystems that make Florida's landscape so enchanting.

The Mandalay Timber Bridge isn't just a bridge; it's a declaration that preserving nature's beauty is a responsibility we all share.

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