The Reserve At Jensen Beach Double Lane Vehicular With Attached Pedestrian Walkway Bridge – Jensen Beach, FL

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The York Bridge Concepts' project: Reserve At Jensen Beach double lane vehicular timber bridge with attached pedestrian walkway in Jensen Beach, FL

Unveiling The Reserve At Jensen Beach Timber Bridge

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Jensen Beach, Florida, The Reserve At Jensen Beach luxury apartments stands as a testament to opulence and coastal living. Adding to the charm of this upscale community is the recently unveiled double-lane vehicular timber bridge with an attached walkway, a masterpiece brought to life by York Bridge Concepts. This architectural marvel seamlessly integrates with the DeceroTM Legacy Design, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and capturing the essence of the coastal lifestyle that defines Jensen Beach.

Incorporating The Design Into The Community

The DeceroTM Legacy Design is not just a construction approach; it's a philosophy that embraces simplicity, functionality, and timelessness. Applied to the vehicular timber bridge at The Reserve, this design principle creates a visual symphony that complements the upscale surroundings. The legacy design is characterized by clean lines, attention to detail, and a commitment to using high-quality materials, ensuring a bridge that not only stands as a functional structure but also serves as a piece of art.


  • Vehicular Width:
  • 34’ (32’ 5.5” Clear)
  • PedestrianWidth:
  • 7’ 2" (6’ Clear)
  • Length:
  • 64’
  • Height:
  • 10’ 6" (from ground)
  • Capacity:
  • HS20-44 & 90PSF
  • Construction:
  • Deck Level
  • Span Type:
  • Repetitive Span
  • Span Lengths:
  • (4) 15’ 7"
  • Material:
  • CCA/CA-C Treated SYP,
    RPL & Ipé

  • Foundation:
  • Treated Timber Piles
    (Acrylic Coated where

  • Stringers:
  • SYP Stringers (Oil Coated
    where exposed)

  • Vehicular Deck System:
  • 1” Ipé Top Deck
    4” SYP Subdeck

  • Pedestrian Deck System:
  • 1” Reinforced Polymeric
    Lumber (Cool Grey)

  • Guide Rail System:
  • Decero™ Classic Design Series
  • Hand Rail System:
  • Decero™ Handrail Mesh
    Design Series

  • Crossing:
  • Stream

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The Elegance Of A Timber Bridge

At the heart of this project is the use of timber, a material that not only reflects environmental sustainability but also exudes warmth and natural elegance. The double-lane vehicular bridge, crafted with precision by York Bridge Concepts, showcases the versatility and strength of timber. Each plank tells a story of craftsmanship and durability, forming a connection with the lush surroundings of Jensen Beach.

Connecting Spaces

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the double-lane bridge serves a crucial functional role, seamlessly connecting different areas of The Reserve At Jensen Beach. The attached walkway provides residents with a serene path to explore the community, fostering a sense of community and encouraging outdoor activities. This well-thought-out connectivity enhances the overall living experience, making the bridge a focal point of both beauty and utility.

Enhancing The Upscale Coastal Lifestyle

Jensen Beach is renowned for its upscale coastal lifestyle, and the double-lane vehicular timber bridge encapsulates this spirit. The DeceroTM Legacy Design, with its coastal-inspired elements, ties the bridge seamlessly into its surroundings. Whether residents are crossing the bridge in their vehicles or strolling along the walkway, they are greeted by a visual feast that resonates with the coastal charm of Jensen Beach.

Achievement Of The Reserve At Jensen Beach Project

In the heart of The Reserve At Jensen Beach luxury apartments, the double-lane vehicular timber bridge stands tall as a symbol of luxury, craftsmanship, and coastal living. York Bridge Concepts has brought to life a masterpiece that not only connects spaces but also connects with the essence of Jensen Beach. The DeceroTM Legacy Design ensures that this bridge is not just a structure; it's a timeless piece of art that enhances the overall living experience for residents, adding another layer of sophistication to this already exquisite community.

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