Asheville Residential Community Vehicular & Pedestrian Bridge – Asheville, NC

York Bridge ConceptsFree Span, Multiple Crossings, North Carolina, Pedestrian Bridges, Vehicular Bridges

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One River Place Vehicular Bridge – Atlanta, GA

York Bridge ConceptsGeorgia, Multiple Span, Vehicular Bridges

One River Place Timber Vehicular Bridge - Atlanta, GA | York Bridge Concepts

View images, video, & specs of One River Place Timber Vehicular Bridge in Atlanta, Georgia. HS-20/44 Load Capacity with 85 PSF Attached Pedestrian Walkway | Translucent Bridge Coating for Bridge Protection | Treated Southern Yellow Pine & Douglas Fir Bridge Materials | Douglas Fir Glue Laminated Stringers | Timber Bridge in Atlanta, Georgia Next to the Chattahoochee River for Residential Condominiums | Built in 2007 & Refurbished in 2019. We offer inspections & refurbishment services for timber bridges throughout the U.S.

Bridgehaven at Citrus Park Vehicular Bridge – Tampa, FL

York Bridge ConceptsFlorida, Multiple Span, Vehicular Bridges

Bridgehaven at Citrus Park Timber Vehicular Bridge | Tampa, FL | York Bridge Concepts

View drone video, images, & specs of Bridgehaven at Citrus Park Timber Vehicular Bridge. HL-93 Timber Bridge Load Capacity, Multispan, Double Lane. HL-93 Load Capacity, Timber Vehicular Bridge, Wood Bridge, Wooden Bridge, Attached Pedestrian Walkway, Residential Development, Rocky Creek, Tampa, Florida, Wire Mesh Handrail, Acrylic Polymer Coatings Bridge Protection, Epoxy Aggregate Decking, Textured Polymer Coated Pedestrian Deck, 85 PSF, Lennar