Walsh Pedestrian Bridge – Ft. Worth, TX

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Walsh Timber Pedestrian Bridge - Ft. Worth, TX | York Bridge Concepts

View images & specs of Walsh Timber Pedestrian Bridge in Ft. Worth, TX. 85 PSF Pile-Supported Timber Pedestrian Bridge Over a Flood Plain | CCA Treated Southern Yellow Pine Piles, Stringers, Handrails, Subdeck & Composite Weardeck | Acrylic Polymer Coated Wooden Footbridge | Timber Pile Bridge Near Dallas, Texas in a Residential Development

Hilton Anatole Hotel Pedestrian Bridges – Dallas, TX

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Hilton Anatole Pedestrian Bidges - Dallas, TX

The Accessibility Bridge is a multiple span Timber Pedestrian Bridge with 85 pounds per square foot capacity that spans 104 feet long by 10 feet wide. The structure is 100% ADA accessible, while maintaining a gentle curve throughout the JadeWaters pool area, gliding over the Lazy River. Utilizing its Decero™ Design philosophy, the structure features a stunning color palette of … Read More