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Charlotte County

Englewood, Florida

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Kosinski Bridge

This bridge is perfectly suited to its surroundings and is a vestige to the “Old Florida” atmosphere of the islands. With the help of an activist HOA and an open minded County, this successful project is proof that timber bridges are still an important part of County roadway systems.

The County was initially reluctant to replace the existing timber bridge with another timber bridge – just eight years after it was constructed from exotic wood, it was beginning to fall apart due to deterioration of the untreated timber. Weight restrictions were enacted and the county began the replacement process. But this time it would have to be a high quality bridge that would last a lifetime. In other words, they needed a York Timber Vehicular Bridge. Based on York Bridge Concepts ™

(YBC’s) experience and an extensive bid and selection process with the county, YBC was finally awarded this project. YBC, the County, the homeowner’s association and other key stakeholders worked together to design and construct this important bridge. The result? An FDOT compliant bridge, built to AASHTO LRFD standards with HL-93 loading capacity and TL-2 rated guiderails that will surely stand the test of time.

Arching a total of 153’ with three separate freespans each 51’ in length, Glulam timber beams sit atop concrete pilings. This interesting combination of seemingly unrelated materials work so perfectly together that the finished effect is breathtaking. Island residents and the County agree that this bridge is an important feature of the close-knit island community, and surely will be for generations to come.