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Ours schedule was fairly tight, but YBC still finished a few days ahead of schedule. Communication is always a vital part of any project and York Bridge kept us well informed at every turn. VCD and our client (TPC Sawgrass) are extremely pleased with the quality of work YBC provided. The bridges have just recently had the coatings applied and they look great!
I’m really quite surprised at how many people have come by to tell us how nice the bridge looks…I didn’t think anyone really would pay any attention to a bridge, or even care.
We are very pleased with the final product. YBC’s crew’s craftsmanship and attention to detail was way beyond expectation. I will continue to keep your firm in mind for future projects and hope to work with you all again.
I did a field trip to Wellstar Hospice and I was impressed with YBC’s work — the bridge has helped make a very sad place a little happier.
It was our intention to preserve the natural surroundings of the project during construction due to archaeological and cultural interests. Therefore, the main challenge presented was to construct these bridges with the least impact on the surrounding areas. YBC’s crew achieved this feat to the satisfaction of all concerned.
YBC did a fine job. They were easy to work with and did whatever we asked. Their work looks great.
I was astounded by how much three men can do. YBC did a phenomenal job and they are extremely professional. They worked together very well and their personalities clicked. Anytime I had questions, they had answers and were very helpful. I really like the way YBC does their business and I’m glad that I hired really good workers — their teamwork was unbelievable. I have actually implemented some of their systems with my own crews now…having them send back daily pictures for reviews, etc…
I can say, unequivocally, that the bridge has added to the value of the property and to our strong belief and commitment to maintain our family’s legacy asset.
Few companies actually deliver exactly what they say they are going to do, like YBC. My experience was from the salesman to the contract administrator, to the guys constructing the bridge, to the president/owner of the company — we got exactly what we wanted…a world class, beautiful wood bridge and we could not be happier.
YBC did a good job for Brasfield & Gorrie on this project. They were thorough, quick and safe. YBC was in and out and the only evidence they were there was the fact that a good looking bridge was in place. The client is looking forward to many years of use from this well-constructed, and aesthetically pleasing, site feature.
The railing and roofing were the most important design elements of this covered bridge. Not only did York have to meet all of the FDOT and AASHTO requirements, but their design also had to be aesthetically appealing. We thought this was a very strong suit of YBC’s — they were able help us meet any requirements necessary while designing something extremely unique for us.
The project went very well overall. After 2 years in delays from the client for permitting issues, the overall cost went up less than 10%.  YBC’s field staff was extraordinary, completing the installation of two bridges, all of the civil work and the finished carpentry with just two full-time craftsmen. The design process went very well and the greatest testament is that the end user could not be happier with the final product.
Lighthouse Sound Golf Club was recently ranked in the top 80 of the top public course to play in the U.S.  and every time you hear someone mention the course, the bridge comes up.
The entire staff at YBC was extremely helpful during both projects (Hynson Bayou and Greater Alexandria). In particular, I would like to thank Sales Representative (Titus Edwards) for going above and beyond to help complete these projects and answering all questions in a timely manner.
We chose timber over other materials because of our renewable project and company —  GES encourages the use of green-friendly solutions that can be implemented in conjunction with nature. Timber will fit perfectly into our renewable energy project.
Discovery Park of America has an outdoor water feature that required three timber truss bridges — one covered. York Bridge Concepts did an excellent job of designing and building these bridges for the park.
I want to thank you for the excellent job the crew did. They represented YBC very well. If I have an opportunity to build another bridge I would like to do it with your firm. They are a great team!
Working with York was a pleasure. They provided budget options that best fit the project needs. They hit their scheduled dates and addressed all inspection issues promptly and professionally while on site. I would welcome the opportunity to work with YBC again.
We decided to invest in the YBC line of products for our Golf Club due to multiple reasons:
1. The quality of their bridges stand out as one of the top, not to mention price, value, selection and customer service. 2.  We were looking for a product that would be aesthetically appealing and that would stand up long-term to our predominantly hot and humid weather conditions year-round. 3. Having YBC’s proven track record as quality collateral of our investment is most important for us.
"I am EXTREMELY impressed with the professionalism and craftsmanship from the York Bridge Concepts crew. The team is like clockwork, EVERY DAY! Visitors and residents are often commenting on how quickly and precisely their high-quality work is done."
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