Woodbridge Crossing Covered Vehicular Bridge – Smyrna, GA

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Aerial profile of the Woodbridge covered double lane vehicular with attached pedestrian timber bridge in Smyrna, GA

Woodbridge Project in Smyrna, GA 

A Community Landmark

The Woodbridge Project in Smyrna, GA, stands as a testament to innovative design and community-focused development. This project, a covered bridge, has become a central landmark and symbol of unity for the Woodbridge Crossing residential subdivision. By integrating traditional aesthetics with modern engineering, the bridge not only serves its practical purpose but also enhances the community's appeal and cohesiveness.

The Challenge of Connecting Smyrna

Jolly Development faced the challenge of replacing an outdated concrete bridge over Nickajack Creek. The goal was to construct a structure that was not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and capable of becoming an iconic symbol for the community. The old bridge was insufficient for the needs of the growing community, and there was a clear need for a solution that addressed both practical and communal aspects.

Creating The Vision & Setting The Plan

The vision for the new bridge was ambitious. Jolly Development, alongside York Bridge Concepts, aimed to create a bridge that would do more than just facilitate transportation. The new structure needed to reflect the community's character and become a landmark that residents could take pride in. The planning process involved extensive consultation with engineers, architects, and community members to ensure the bridge would meet all necessary requirements while also standing out as a piece of art.


  • Vehicular Width:
  • 26' (24' clear)
  • Pedestrian Width:
  • 6' (5' clear)
  • Length:
  • 75'
  • Height:
  • 25' above grade
  • Capacity:
  • HS20-44 & 85 PSF
  • Construction:
  • Ground Up
  • Span Type:
  • Free Span
  • Material:
  • CCA Treated Southern Yellow Pine
  • Foundation:
  • Concrete Abutments
  • Stringers:
  • SYP Glulam Stringers (Translucent Coated where exposed)
  • Vehicular Deck System:
  • Translucent Coated 4" Glulam Deck
  • Pedestrian Deck System:
  • Translucent Coated 2.5" Timber Deck
  • Guard Rail:
  • Decero™ X-Style Design Series
  • Handrail:
  • Decero™ Picket Design Series
  • Crossing:
  • Stream
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Establishing The Design & Implementing Construction

The design phase of the Woodbridge Timber Vehicular Covered Bridge Project was marked by a blend of traditional and modern elements. The chosen design was a two-lane covered bridge, combining the charm of historical bridge architecture with the strength and durability of contemporary engineering. This design choice was crucial in achieving the dual goals of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Key Steps In The Construction Process of The Woodbridge Project

Woodbridge Site Preparation

Site Preparation

Clearing the old bridge and preparing the site for construction was a meticulous process, ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

Woodbridge Foundation

Foundation Work

Laying a strong foundation was essential for the bridge's longevity and stability. Advanced techniques were employed to ensure the foundation could support the bridge's weight and withstand environmental factors.


Structural Framework

The bridge's framework was constructed using high-quality materials that guaranteed durability. The use of timber not only provided the necessary strength but also contributed to the bridge's rustic appearance.

Building Aesthetic Details of Woodbridge

Aesthetic Details

Adding the roof and other aesthetic details transformed the structure from a mere bridge to a landmark. These details were carefully chosen to reflect the community's identity and enhance the bridge's visual appeal.

Creating A Positive Impact On The Smyrna Community

York Bridge Concepts | Woodbridge Opening in Georgia

The impact of the Woodbridge Timber Vehicular Covered Bridge Project on the community has been profound. The bridge quickly became a source of pride for residents, symbolizing the unity and forward-thinking nature of the community. Its dedication ceremony, attended by key figures such as Pete Jolly and Mayor Arthur Max Bacon, was a significant event that brought the community together.

The ceremony was not just a formality but a celebration of community spirit. Hundreds of realtors and residents attended, highlighting the bridge's importance and the excitement it generated. This event was extensively covered by local media, including a feature on a local TV segment, further amplifying its significance.

Economic & Marketing Benefits Of The Woodbridge Project

From a marketing perspective, the Woodbridge Project was a tremendous success. The bridge's unique design and the attention it garnered played a pivotal role in attracting potential homebuyers to the Woodbridge Crossing subdivision. The bridge served as a tangible representation of the quality and thoughtfulness that went into the entire development.

The economic benefits of the project extended beyond just increased home sales. The bridge became a popular spot for community events and gatherings, boosting local engagement and fostering a strong sense of community. This increased engagement has had positive ripple effects on local businesses and the overall economic health of the area.

Woodbridge shot from NickJack Creek

Environmental Considerations

An important aspect of the Woodbridge Project was its environmental impact. Throughout the planning and construction phases, YBC's Deck-Level Construction Processes were set to minimize the ecological footprint. This included careful site management to protect Nickajack Creek and surrounding natural areas. The use of sustainable materials and construction practices ensured that the bridge would not only be a community asset but also an environmentally responsible project.

Setting The Precedent

The success of the Woodbridge Project has set a precedent for future developments in Smyrna and beyond. It has demonstrated the value of integrating community-focused design with practical infrastructure solutions. The bridge has not only improved transportation within the subdivision but also enhanced the overall quality of life for residents.

Looking ahead, the principles applied in the Woodbridge Covered Timber Vehicular Bridge Project are likely to influence other community development projects. The emphasis on combining functionality with aesthetic appeal and community engagement provides a blueprint for creating infrastructure that serves multiple purposes and fosters community spirit.

Uniting A Community To Create An Icon

The Woodbridge Project in Smyrna, GA, is a shining example of how thoughtful design and community involvement can create a landmark that transcends its practical purpose. This covered bridge has become a symbol of tradition, progress, and unity for the Woodbridge Crossing subdivision. It stands as a testament to what can be achieved when developers, designers, and communities work together towards a common vision.

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