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York Bridge Concepts (YBC) has long been a leader in bridge construction, specializing in innovative and environmentally sensitive solutions. The Coastal Club Vehicular Timber Bridge in Lewes, Delaware, stands as a testament to this expertise. Designed to span a critical wetland area with minimal ecological impact, this project not only facilitated improved access to the burgeoning Coastal Club community built by Schell Brothers but also preserved the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. This case study details the challenges faced and the strategies implemented by YBC to successfully complete this vital infrastructure project for over 70 additional properties.

The Challenge

Overcoming Hurdles

The primary challenge in constructing the Coastal Club Vehicular Timber Bridge was its location. Nestled within environmentally sensitive wetlands, the site had limited accessibility, with only one point of entry. This constraint posed significant logistical and environmental challenges, demanding a construction approach that minimized disruption to the wetland ecosystem. The sensitivity of the area required meticulous planning and adherence to strict environmental regulations, making traditional construction methods not useful.

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Picture of temporary bridge for the Coastal Club Project

The solution

Experience & Ingenuity Create The Path

To overcome these obstacles, YBC employed a creative and environmentally conscious construction strategy. The cornerstone of this approach was the installation of temporary piling bents. These structures served as a temporary bridge, enabling the safe and efficient transport of materials and equipment across the sensitive wetland area. This method not only protected the wetlands from potential damage caused by heavy machinery and frequent traffic but also ensured that the project adhered to environmental guidelines and constraints.

The Process

Construction Of The coastal club timber bridge

The construction of the Coastal Club Vehicular Timber Bridge began with the careful placement of the temporary piling bents. These were strategically positioned to bear the weight of the materials and machinery needed throughout the construction phase. Following this setup, the team commenced the main bridge construction. Each phase was carried out with precision, from the setting of the foundational supports within the wetland bed to the installation of the timber decking, renowned for its durability and natural aesthetic. Throughout the process, YBC maintained a flexible approach, ready to adapt to the challenges that arose from working in such a delicate environment.

Outcomes & benefits

Advantages of The Coastal Club timber bridge

The completion of the Coastal Club Vehicular Timber Bridge marked a significant achievement for YBC and the Lewes community. The bridge not only provides a crucial link for vehicular access but also exemplifies sustainable construction practices. It has enhanced local infrastructure without compromising the ecological integrity of the wetlands, showcasing YBC's commitment to environmental stewardship and engineering excellence.

Coastal Club final bridge construction

Multiple span design

The 190' multiple span design of the bridge addressed the budget, timeline and the solution to free span over an environmentally protected stream.

Spanning Solutions
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more access

Development of the Coastal Club Vehicular Bridge with Attached Pedestrian provided access for construction of 70+ homes and has become an icon for the master- planned community.

Master-Planned Projects
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Timely Completion

Despite the challenges posed by accessibility limitations. York Bridge Concepts completed the project within a tight timeframe, helping to facilitate development of this luxury master-planned community.

Our Process
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the results

Lessons Learned from the Coastal Club Project

The Coastal Club Vehicular Timber Bridge project is a prime example of York Bridge Concepts' ability to navigate complex construction challenges through innovative solutions. The successful implementation of temporary piling bents exemplified YBC’s proactive approach to environmental preservation and technical challenges. This project not only reinforces YBC's position as a leader in bridge construction but also sets a benchmark for future projects involving sensitive environmental conditions.

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