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rebuilding connections after nature's fury

Acton, CA, faced an unprecedented challenge as flash flooding wreaked havoc on the region. The Thousand Trails RV Park bore the brunt of this natural disaster, with access roads washed out, leaving several RVs stranded and isolated. The need for a swift and robust solution became evident, and that's when York Bridge Concepts stepped in to bridge the gap, both figuratively and literally.

"York Bridge Concepts exceeded our expectations in delivering a solution that not only addressed the immediate crisis but also added value to our park's accessibility. Their expertise and commitment to quality were evident throughout the project."

-Park management

The Challenge

finding a better solution

The aftermath of the flash flooding left Thousand Trails RV Park inaccessible, creating a significant hurdle for both the park's management and the stranded RV owners. Traditional access routes were obliterated, and a quick, reliable solution was imperative to restore connectivity.

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Washed out culvert after flash floods, courtesy of Google Earth

"The bridge not only looks impressive but has proven its durability during subsequent weather challenges. It's a testament to the craftsmanship and engineering prowess of York Bridge Concepts."

- thousand trails guest

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The solution

Peace of Mind with a timber Built Vehicular bridge

York Bridge Concepts, renowned for its innovative and durable bridge solutions, took on the challenge of constructing a 320' repetitive span bridge to reinstate access to Thousand Trails RV Park. The bridge, designed with precision and engineering excellence, not only offered a swift solution but also prioritized the safety and convenience of park visitors.

swift approval to move forward

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, York Bridge Concepts worked seamlessly with regulatory authorities, to ensure a rapid approval process. The collaborative efforts and the commitment to meeting stringent safety standards led to the swift approval of the bridge construction.

Key Features of the thousand trails bridge

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Multiple span design

The 320' multiple span design of the bridge not only addressed the immediate access needs but also considered long-term durability and sustainability.

Spanning Solutions
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Safety Measures

Incorporating state-of-the-art safety features, the bridge ensures a secure passage for both pedestrians and vehicles, prioritizing the well-being of Thousand Trails RV Park visitors.
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Timely Completion

Despite the challenges posed by the aftermath of the flash flooding, York Bridge Concepts completed the project within a tight timeframe, minimizing disruption to the park's operations.
Our Process
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the results

creating a trustworthy infrastructure

The completion of the 320' repetitive span bridge by York Bridge Concepts had a profound impact on Thousand Trails RV Park and its visitors. The restored access not only brought relief to the stranded RV owners but also contributed to the revitalization of the park's overall infrastructure.

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