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York Timber Golf Course Bridges curve, wind and roll through prestigious golf courses across the nation. For years, we have worked closely with renowned course architects and are known by many in the golf industry as the experts in Timber Golf Course Bridges. We have built our reputation on quality and performance, developing York Bridge Services™ to provide lasting structures that will hold up to the daily abuse on the golf course and to give our clients the return on investment that they deserve.

Features of a York Timber Golf Course Bridge:

  • We are the proven company with a reputation of high integrity in the golf industry, excelling in the precision and teamwork needed when working closely with golf course superintendents and their crews.
  • We have honed our craft, gracefully blending our bridges into golf course environments.
  • Applicable York Timber Protective Systems™ are included on every golf course bridge we design and build , to ensure their longevity, beauty and integrity:
    • UV-resistant Sealant — slows down the breakdown of the wood by UV rays and moisture, has an approximate lifespan of 2-3 years on horizontal surfaces; 4-8 on vertical surfaces.
    • Textured Polymer Coating — provides a textured surface that protects against UV rays and moisture and wears well with pedestrian and golf cart use; slip-resistant, fire-resistant and has an approximate lifespan of up to a decade.
    • Epoxy & Stone Aggregate Application — supplies a superior traction coating and protection for the traffic deck that will last up to a decade, with vehicular use.
    • Composite Runners — creates a path for golf carts to drive on/follow, increasing the longevity of the bridge by protecting the deck of the bridge from wear and tear; lasts approximately 15-25 years, with golf cart traffic.
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For the past two weeks, I have had the pleasure of working (onsite) with YBC for the installation of two new bridges at Salem Golf Club. York Bridge Concepts designs and fabricates bridges that are not only structurally-sound, but aesthetically pleasing too. Actually, they have enhanced the pristine water areas of Salem Golf Club.

~ Chuck Denny (Golf Course Superintendent; Salem Golf Club)