Lucky Shoals Pedestrian Bridge – Norcross, GA

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Long view Lucky Shoals Pedestrian Timber Bridge in Norcross, GA

Embracing Nature: Lucky Shoals Timber Pedestrian Bridge

In the heart of Norcross, Georgia, lies a testament to the harmony between human ingenuity and natural beauty. The York Bridge Concepts' Design-Built Lucky Shoals Timber Pedestrian Bridge stands as a legacy design, gracefully weaving its way around a bustling roadway and a meandering creek. With its blend of timber elegance and modern durability, it not only provides safe passage but also enhances the scenic allure of its surroundings.


  • Width:
  • 9' (7' 10" clear)
  • Length:
  • 170'
  • Height:
  • 14' above grade
  • Capacity:
  • 90 PSF
  • Construction:
  • Deck Level
  • Span Type:
  • Multiple Span
  • Span Lengths:
  • (12) 10', (1) 24', (1) 26'
  • Material:
  • CCA/CA-C Treated Southern Yellow Pine & Reinforced Polymeric Lumber
  • Foundation:
  • Timber Piles & Abutments (Acrylic Coated where exposed)
  • Stringers:
  • SYP S4S & Rough Sawn & Glulam Stringers (Acrylic Coated where exposed)
  • Deck System:
  • 1" Reinforced Polymeric Lumber Deck
  • Handrail:
  • Decero™ Metal Picket Design Series
  • Crossing:
  • Lucky Shoals Creek
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The use of Reinforced Polymeric Lumber decking enhances the bridge's resilience against the elements, offering a durable surface that withstands heavy foot traffic and varying weather conditions. This innovative material combines the natural beauty of timber with the strength of modern engineering, creating a bridge that seamlessly integrates with its environment while standing the test of time.

Curving Gracefully Through Nature

One of the most striking features of the Lucky Shoals Timber Pedestrian Bridge is its gentle curve, which follows the contours of the land with effortless grace. This curvature not only adds visual interest but also serves a practical purpose, allowing the bridge to navigate around the existing roadway and creek with ease.

As pedestrians traverse the bridge, they are treated to panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, with glimpses of lush greenery, tranquil waters, and the bustling activity of the city beyond. The bridge becomes not just a means of crossing but a destination in itself, inviting visitors to pause and appreciate the natural splendor that surrounds them.

Complementing Norcross's Natural Beauty

Nestled within the picturesque setting of Norcross, Georgia, this timber pedestrian bridge serves as a fitting complement to its natural surroundings. Its warm wooden hues blend harmoniously with the earthy tones of the landscape, while the metal pickets of the handrails add a touch of modern sophistication.

Whether bathed in the soft light of dawn or illuminated by the glow of sunset, the bridge becomes a focal point of beauty, drawing admirers from near and far. It stands as a symbol of Norcross's commitment to preserving its natural heritage while embracing the benefits of modern design and innovation.


In the hustle and bustle of modern life, the Lucky Shoals Timber Pedestrian Bridge in Norcross, GA, serves as a tranquil oasis, inviting visitors to slow down and reconnect with nature. With its elegant timber design, durable construction, and seamless integration with the surrounding landscape, it stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of bridges and the enduring beauty of the natural world.

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