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Coe Branch Stream Timber Pedestrian Bridge, Falls Church, VA

Nestled in the heart of Falls Church, VA, the Coe Branch Stream Timber Pedestrian Bridge stands as a testament to innovative design and environmental stewardship. Developed by York Bridge Concepts, this charming timber bridge is a pivotal component of the broader Coe Branch Stream restoration project. It not only facilitates safe and scenic crossings for pedestrians but also enhances the ecological integrity of the area. Join us on a journey to explore the features, benefits, and unique aspects of this exceptional structure.

Creating The Purpose and Vision

The Coe Branch Stream Timber Pedestrian Bridge was conceived with dual objectives: restoring the environmental health of the stream and connecting the community more closely with nature. This project aligns with Falls Church's commitment to sustainability and accessibility, offering residents and visitors alike a serene pathway through one of the city’s most picturesque locales.

Designing Architectural Excellence

York Bridge Concepts has a reputation for crafting bridges that blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings, and the Coe Branch Stream bridge is no exception. Featuring a truss design, the bridge exudes a rustic charm while providing modern structural integrity. The use of timber, a renewable resource, underscores the project’s ecological ethos and provides a warm, inviting aesthetic.


  • Width:
  • 5'10" (5'7" clear)
  • Length:
  • 30'
  • Height:
  • 3' above grade
  • Capacity:
  • 85 PSF
  • Construction:
  • Ground Up
  • Span Type:
  • Free Span
  • Material:
  • CCA/CA-C Treated Southern Yellow Pine
  • Foundation:
  • Timber Piles & Abutments (Acrylic/Polymer Coated where exposed)
  • Stringers:
  • SYP Timber & Glulam Stringers (Acrylic/Polymer Coated where exposed)
  • Deck System:
  • 1-½” Timber Deck
  • Handrail:
  • Decero™ Horizontal Rail Design Series
  • Crossing:
  • Stream
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Coe Branch timber pedestrian bridge profile view in Falls Church, VA

User-Centric Functionality

Designed with the community in mind, the bridge features:


Fully compliant with ADA standards, ensuring that everyone, regardless of mobility, can enjoy the bridge.


Robust railings and non-slip surfaces make it a safe option for all users, including children and the elderly.

Environmental Impact of coe Branch stream

Stream Restoration Synergy

The construction of the pedestrian bridge is part of a larger initiative to restore Coe Branch Stream. Falls Church's efforts include stabilizing the stream banks, enhancing water quality, and increasing biodiversity. The bridge itself is designed to have minimal environmental footprint, with careful consideration given to its placement and construction materials.

Wildlife Conservation

By improving habitat connectivity along the stream, the bridge facilitates the movement of pedestrians and supports aquatic ecosystems. This integration of infrastructure with natural preservation is key to the project’s success, balancing human access with ecological health.

Coe Branch Stream Restoration Project timber pedestrian project in Falls Church, VA.

Benefits of the timber bridge for the community

Enhancing Connectivity

This bridge is more than just a pathway over water; it’s a vital link between different parts of the community. It connects various trails that run along Coe Branch Stream, making it easier for residents to engage in outdoor activities like walking, jogging, and bird watching.

Educational Opportunities

The project serves as an educational platform, demonstrating the benefits of sustainable construction and environmental restoration. Schools and organizations are encouraged to use the bridge and its surroundings as a learning environment.

Economic Advantages

By increasing the area’s appeal, the bridge has a positive impact on local businesses and property values. It draws visitors to Falls Church, promoting tourism and supporting the local economy through increased foot traffic.

Creating a landmark in falls church, virginia

The Coe Branch Stream Timber Pedestrian Bridge by York Bridge Concepts is a landmark project in Falls Church, VA. It embodies a commitment to community well-being, environmental health, and sustainable design. As we look towards future projects, the bridge stands as a beacon of how public infrastructure can harmonize with nature and foster a connected, informed community.

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