Summit Bechtel Reserve Boardwalks, Vehicular & Pedestrian Bridges – Glen Jean, WV

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Summit Bechtel Reserve Lakeside Boardwalk project by York Bridge Concepts in Glen Jean, WV

Summit Bechtel Reserve Lakeside Boardwalk project by York Bridge Concepts in Glen Jean, WV

Bridging Adventures In West Virginia

York Bridge Concepts' Timber Marvel at Summit Bechtel Reserve

Nestled in the heart of the rugged West Virginia wilderness, the Summit Bechtel Reserve is proof to the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of outdoor excellence. This sprawling training, Scouting, and adventure center, catering to millions of youth and adults associated with the Boy Scouts of America, is a haven for those seeking to connect with nature and engage in thrilling outdoor activities. At the heart of this remarkable facility lies a network of timber boardwalks and bridges, a testament to the craftsmanship and vision of York Bridge Concepts.

Summit Bechtel Reserve - lakeside pedestrian bridge in West Virginia

Connecting The Reserve With Timber Crossings

The Summit Bechtel Reserve is more than just a picturesque landscape; it's a dynamic hub for Scouting events, training programs, and high-adventure activities. To seamlessly integrate the diverse features of the park, including the National Scout Jamboree and the Paul R. Christen National High Adventure Base, a robust infrastructure was required. This is where York Bridge Concepts stepped in, tasked with constructing timber boardwalks, timber vehicular bridges, and timber pedestrian bridges to provide access to all corners of this vast reserve.

Summit Bechtel Reserve - aerial of bridges in West Virginia

Master Craftsmanship Coupled With Durable Materials

York Bridge Concepts brought their expertise in timber bridge construction to the forefront, understanding the unique demands of Summit Bechtel Reserve's challenging terrain. Timber was chosen not just for its durability but also for its aesthetic appeal, blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings and complementing the wilderness experience.

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Summit Bechtel Reserve Timber Boardwalks

The project saw the creation of expansive timber boardwalks, weaving through the reserve to provide easy access to various attractions. These boardwalks not only ensure safe passage over challenging landscapes but also serve as an immersive experience, allowing visitors to truly immerse themselves in the beauty of the surroundings.

Summit Bechtel Reserve Timber Vehicular Bridges

Connecting different parts of the reserve for vehicular traffic required sturdy and reliable solutions. York Bridge Concepts delivered with precision-engineered timber vehicular bridges, showcasing the perfect fusion of strength and aesthetics. These bridges not only facilitate easy transportation but also add a touch of rustic elegance to the landscape.

Summit Bechtel Reserve Timber Pedestrian Bridges

For those who prefer to explore the reserve on foot, York Bridge Concepts designed and constructed timber pedestrian bridges. These structures not only offer safe passage but also provide breathtaking viewpoints, allowing visitors to appreciate the stunning vistas of West Virginia's untamed beauty.

Connecting With The Beauty Of This Haven

York Bridge Concepts' remarkable project at the Summit Bechtel Reserve stands as a testament to the harmonious marriage of human craftsmanship and the untamed beauty of the natural world. The timber boardwalks, vehicular bridges, and pedestrian bridges seamlessly integrate with the landscape, enhancing the overall experience for those who visit this outdoor haven. As the Summit Bechtel Reserve continues to be a beacon for adventure enthusiasts and Scouts alike, the legacy of York Bridge Concepts' timber marvel will endure, inviting generations to come to explore, learn, and connect with the great outdoors.

Summit Bechtel Reserve - Conservation timber vehicular bridge in West Virginia Summit Bechtel Reserve - Upper Legacy timber vehicular bridge in West Virginia Summit Bechtel Reserve - lakeside boardwalks in West Virginia

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